August 30, 2005

She’s going to the Olympics…

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LOL well not yet anyway. 🙂

Rani has been begging to take gymnastics ever since her brother started in July. I have been saying “No” as she is starting clogging in two weeks(which she begged for) and continuing with her ballet. I told her its just too much. But the gym my little guy goes to started a class that is at the same time as my son’s just for kids her age and my DH talked me into signing her up(after all it would be one less kid to corral after the baby comes).

She started today and was ECSTATIC! I’ve never seen her so joyful. It’s like she was born to be in a gym. LOL The teacher was so impressed with her skills she couldn’t stop raving. LOL I just kept thinking “I know…she’s good at everything she tries”. Olympics here she comes? I hope not….but you never know.

August 24, 2005

The Best of Friends

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I would have never believed one year ago as I sat watching two screaming toddlers fighting over my lap,

“My Mamma!”
“No MY Mamma”
“My Mamma!”
“No MY Mamma”

that I’d ever see a picture of them as adorable as this one. They who once were mortal enemies are now the best of friends. They spend the bulk of every day playing dress-up, house, supermarket, superheroes, and restaurant. We’ve only had a few glitches, other than every day spats. Rani knows she is the eldest(by 10 months) and likes to keep it this way. When Ollie turned 3 she was very upset.

“No I’M three!”

But now that she’s four she’s OK again. She is definately NOT happy that Oliver is in her ballet class this year, but alas as she has no choice she’s not complaining that much. The class is for 3-4yos so next year she’ll move up. It sure is convenient for me to have them share a class. Less time I have to spend at the studio this year.

I’m so grateful that they have learned to love each other so much. I’m so grateful that our adoption has worked out so beautifully and that Rani seems happy to be in our family.


July 15, 2005

Birthday Party!

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Rani is one lucky girl, because this year she gets THREE birthday parties. This is a girl who ever since we came home has been asking about her birthday. I have tried and tried to explain to her that the day we came to get her in India(and took her away kicking and screaming from everyone and everything she had ever known and loved) was her birthday. I think she finally understood over the past couple of months and now her birthday month is here!

Her birthday isn’t until the 31st of July, but in my family we have a celebration with my father’s side and then a small celebration at home. I am also planning a Perfect Princess birthday for her and her little friends on the 30th. So she gets three parties this year and boy is she ecstatic!

Here are a few pics from the party held at my Dad’s home last Sunday. I can’t believe she’s almost FOUR! I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since she came home! Time sure flies. Click on the photo to view larger.

Independence Day!

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It was our first Independence Day as a family of six! This time last year I was dreaming of my little girl, imagining that next year I’d be holding her on my lap. And here I was doing just that!

I have to admit that it wasn’t her favorite experience to date. At the parade there were loud guns, sirens, and horns. If that wasn’t enough, for some reason this year it was the theme to shoot the crowd with water guns. She was absolutely offended at that! LOL The fireworks were also loud and overwhelming for her. But I couldn’t help but be grateful as I held my newest child on my lap for this glorious occasion.

Here is a pic of the crew all decked out for the occasion. Click on the pic to make it larger.

And here’s one of Rani at the Parade.

June 21, 2005

Beautiful Ballerina

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Rani had her dance recital a couple of weeks ago and she truly was a princess! I was so happy that her class got the froofiest princessy costumes, as it fit her quite well. She was beautiful and danced like an angel. I bawled through the whole thing! She was so proud of herself. She was born to be on the stage.

Here she is, posing in her costume. I think her face may split, she looks so happy!

And here she is with her best friend Alena. They are five months apart and about the same size.

May 2, 2005

She’s my daughter!

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It’s been nine months since we picked Ahrana up at Basundhara orphanage. There was a time before we got her that I KNEW she was my daughter. There was a time after we got her that I wondered what we had done? Adopting a three-year-old was so much more difficult than I ever could have imagined.

Rani had a wonderful attachment to her caretaker, Shanti. Therefore, after her grieving, she easily attached to me. I, on the other hand, had a difficult time attaching to her. Everything she did bugged me. I got angry at her for the most ridiculous things. Most of the time I was able to hide my anger and annoyance and “fake it”. I’ve been “faking it” for nine months.

This Saturday, May 7th, will be the two year anniversary of the day we officially asked to adopt Rani. I still can’t believe it’s been so long! And just this week I noticed that she isn’t driving me crazy anymore!!! I can’t believe it! She feels like my own! I guess it just took time to get used to her eccentricities. I’m so happy about this change and can’t believe it is finally here. I thought It would never come!

So to celebrate, I’d like to post some of the things that I LOVE about Rani!

*Rani is a dancer. She is beautiful and lithe and graceful. I always loved dancing but was always clumsy. I admire the grace and beauty in her and hope that I can nurture this talent.

*Rani is a singer. I too am a singer and it is wonderful to teach her songs and hear her singing them to herself. She sang in Oriya when she first came home, and now she sings in English!

*Rani is an amazing learner. She allready knows her colors, shapes, can count to 15, speaks better than any four year old I know, and is beginning to recognize and write letters of the alphabet. She is very bright!

*Rani can CLEAN! This sweetie keeps her room spotless and is always ready to help out with anything I need. Usually she is ahead of me, taking my dishes to the sink, and throwing away my garbage without being asked!

*Rani is loving. She comes up to me several times a day, hugs me, and says “I love you, Mom”. She is very kind to her brothers and is a good friend to her friends.

So, I’m excited to say that I have a daughter! And I am very happy and proud!


March 10, 2005

Blessing Day

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A special ordinance in our church is the “Name and a Blessing” given to each baby in the church. It is a way for the members to get to see the baby and hear the name the parents have chosen. Now that Rani is officially our daughter, we were able to give her a name and a blessing last Sunday. She is now officially Ahrana (Rani) Zilpha! She was really nervous during the blessing but LOVED the party afterward. Here she is in her lovely blessing dress, made by my mother, and patterned after an India Choli dress.


And here she is modelling her lovely hairdo!


Things are much better around here. She’s learning to obey, sleeping in her own room, and even earned a box of cookies for “not being the mother” LOL. She’s a darling little angel and when it comes to ballet she has a grace and agility that is amazing. She only has to see something once, and she practices and practices relentlessly until she gets it right!

February 15, 2005

Adoption Day!!!

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I can’t believe the day was finally here! Today Ranigandha became officially Ahrana Zilpha, our daughter. As an act of claiming, I gave her a necklace similar to the one she was wearing when we picked her up. Shanti(her caretaker) had given her that necklace, and now Rani’s new necklace is my way of claiming her as mine! She was grinning from ear to ear and had even the usually somber judge grinning! It was glorious and we are so happy she is finally ours!

After the ceremony we went to our favorite Indian restaurant for a wonderful feast! It was absolutely fantastic and we are all on cloud nine today. :cloud9

January 30, 2005

Butting heads

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Rani has become almost exasperating this last month. We are butting heads over everything and she wants to do everything herself. Just the other day I found her in the kitchen at the stove opening a raw egg into a frying pan! She just doesn’t understand the Mommy does somethings and only Mommy. I’ve let her be very independent in other areas (toileting and sleeping) but she still seems to want more control.

We are both frustrated and with the morning sickness and prego hormones it’s so hard to handle. *sigh* :worried

January 6, 2005

I guess the Lord has a sense of humor…

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DH and I have been going around and around without coming to any decision about adopting again. I’ve been feeling like I’m in a wierd kind of limbo. Apparently the Lord has decided to make the decision for us. Check it out.


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