January 27, 2010

Halloween 2009

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This year we did a nursury rhyme theme.  Rani was bo-peep. I had to have her outfit custom made because she wanted hot pink and black! LOL  Baby Vee was a sheep, Finn was Little Boy Blue and the other boys were the three blind mice.  It wasn’t quite as good as the Wizard of Oz theme from last year but it was still so cute!




First Day of School

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Can you believe I am sending my oldest three to school? Neither can I! Here is a post I wrote on Crazibeautiful about it

To School or Not to School

The school is only part time. It’s a great middle ground for us. So far they are really happy there. The school is called Benjamin Franklin Homeschool Academy. It’s a little red brick school house. There are only 7 kids in Xanders class and 6 in Sully and Rani’s class!

Update from Today:  Rani is doing really well at school.  She is cruizing through her work and is finally getting a handle on reading.  I’m so happy with her progress!  I have decided to keep her at home next year now that she has found her groove.



First Day of Ballet

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On August 27th, Rani, Ollie and Finn started dancing again at Starz Unlimited. Finn is doing only clogging this year and Rani and Ollie are doing both clogging and ballet. Poor little Virginia wanted to dance so bad! She sat outside the door crying and if anyone opened it she ran in and started tapping one foot like she was dancing too. Two more years little baby!

Rani’s Baptism

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I am so proud of my sweet girl for choosing to be baptised. It is not a decision she made lightly, and out of all of my children to be baptised, she was the most sure and the most excited. She made promised to live as Jesus did and to take his name upon her. She looked beautiful. The photo with Dad was taken on her baptism day and the rest of the photos were taken today of the dress my mom made for her. I also took some of the two girls together. Virginia is wearing her blessing dress from last year. I can’t believe it still fits!

Rani’s 8th Birthday

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I have had several requests for updates on Rani.  For those who don’t know, I have been posting mainly on my family blog.  We are expecting baby #7 now and our lives are a bit crazy.  So I will copy over posts from my other blog so that you can see how Rani is doing.

Rani’s birthday was a wonderful day.  We did our usual gotcha day ritual.  We were amazed at how much she has grown.  We admired the tiny clothes she was wearing when she came home.  We painted our feet and talked about the day we first met.  Baby Vee got to participate this time.  She wasn’t too sure about the feet painting but we still had fun.  We ended up being so busy that we didn’t do pictures until later that night so Rani’s paint had nearly worn off and I didn’t even think of taking pictures of their feet together. Oh well, maybe next year.

We had friends over for a party later that night.  Here are a few pictures from that day. The litte blue eyed girl is Rani’s little friend Alena.

August 4, 2008

My Big Girl Turns 7!

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Rani had her seventh birthday on Thursday. It’s also her fourth “Gotcha’ Day”. We started the day early with french toast in bed, her favorite! We then talked about the day we met and painted her feet red to remember it. We smelled the powder she wouldn’t let go the first 3 days we knew her and we looked at the clothes she was wearing. After that we went to an Indian restaurant with a friend and her 13yo dd who was also adopted from India. Then we came home for a “Warm Tub Birthday Party” with her friends. All-in-all it was a special day.

Here are her birthday pictures. Can you believe how small she is? That’s my dining room chair!

Happy Birthday to my 7 yo

Happy Birthday to my 7 yo Happy Birthday to my 7 yo

June 6, 2008

Rani has a sister!

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Virginia Loraine was born on May 13th at home in our backyard hot tub.  It was a beautiful birth and Rani was able to witness it.  Her joy is so apparent as you can hear her squealing and clapping on the video.

Rani is a big sister!

March 13, 2008

Quick Update on miss Rani

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It has been ages since I’ve posted here.  Rani is doing very well.  She is happy and healthy and so excited about her sister that is due to be born in May.  She got her ears pierced just after Christmas and loves changing her earrings. 

She has been talking a lot about what her life would be like if she had stayed with her first mother.  She talks mostly about how much she would miss us and miss living in America.  She can’t quite grasp the concept that she would never have known us.  I just listen to her talk and when she gets weepy about missing me, I hug her and tell her how much I would miss her too.  I tell her I’m so happy that God wanted her to be in our family and I’m so happy that she’s here with us.  That seems to be what she needs to hear so she jumps up to play. 

Here are a couple of pictures I took of her yesterday.  We wanted a picture that showed her earrings and she wanted a picture of her standing on her head, her latest pasttime.

Too Sweet

My Silly Girl

November 3, 2007


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Rani wanted to do something different this year and step away from the frills and lace.  She chose to be Elizabeth Swan from Pirates of the Caribbean for Halloween and she was so cute!


August 1, 2007

The big 6! Our third gotcha day.

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Yesterday Rani turned six years old.  I can’t believe it has already been three years since we travelled to bring her home.  We met her for the very first time on her third birthday and it was a magical moment.  Many of you, my longtime readers, may remember how difficult our initial transition was but sitting here now I can hardly believe it happened that way.  Rani has now been in our care longer than the time she spent in the orphanage.  How glorious is that!  My only regret is that I was not able to adopt another child from her country so that she could have a sister close to her age. 

 The day began with french toast in bed, Rani’s favorite breakfast.  Then I told her the story of her adoption and there were a lot of tears and hugging.  After that we looked through her special adoption box which contains the outfit she was wearing, the items she was sent home with and the little lifebook that her orphanage gave her.  We read through the lifebook and enjoyed looking at the pictures of India and especially at the picture of her beloved caretaker that she had such a hard time letting go.  Then we painted her feet red in true Indian tradition and I let her wear the bright red nail polish and lipstick that had been her play-make-up in the orphanage.  We snapped a few pictures and I still can’t believe how much older she looks.  Later we had a party with presents and family.  It was a wonderful day.

 Here are direct links to her other special days.
Original Gotcha day 3rd birthday
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 OK I had to add this.  This is a picture of Rani wearing the before-mentioned lipstick in the orphanage about a month before she came home

And here she is now
DD is SIX! image-1 color
DD is SIX! image-1
DD is SIX! image-2 color

DD is SIX! image-2
DD is SIX! image-3 color

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