June 15, 2007

2007 Dance Recital!

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I just thought I’d share some pictures of Rani’s Recital this year.  She’s quite the little dancer for an almost six year old.  She played a gingerbread girl in the Hansel and Gretel ballet and danced to Rockin’ Robin at the clogging recital.

April 27, 2007

Rani update

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Emily asked for a Rani update, and I guess it is about time I posted something.  😉  Thanks for the reminder Emily.

Rani has been with us for 2 years and 8 months now.  She is growing and I can’t believe how grown up she looks!  She is quite the little dancer and she likes to sing…a lot…sometimes that drives me batty but I don’t tell her that. LOL

 She is SO excited to be turning six this summer.  In her mind, six is the end-all-be-all of ages to be.  Once she is six she getst to start Liberty Girls and in the fall she will get to try out for the Nutcracker for the very first time!  She loves performing and she can’t wait to be in a real ballet!

 She struggles with reading and writing quite a bit.  She can’t seem to remember the letter sounds for a very long time.  Her almost 5yo brother is starting to pass her up.  She writes her letters perfectly but often starts writing on the wrong side of the paper and writes her words in a complete mirror image.  It’s wierd.  She’s left handed and I’m not sure if that’s the issue or if she is possibly dyslexic. I’m not too worried yet as we are homeschooling so there is no pressure, but in the future if it doesn’t improve I may take her to be evaluated for dyslexia.

She is quite the little model and I can always count on her to be excited when we do a photography shoot.  Here are some recents of her that I love!  I’m just getting started with my biz, ModernExpressions, and I’m always asking her to help me out with new locations.

November 06

5 going on 25

February 07

My Valentine Beauty Pose 4

March 07

Warm & Cozy
Mentoring Assignment-image 2
Mentoring Assignment-image 1

August 10, 2006

Beautiful Girl

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I’m trying to distract myself from the not knowing that is happening with our Africa adoption, but reminding myself that it’s all worth it  Most of you know that our Indian adoption was no bed of roses, but here I am with a beautiful daughter who I love and adore.  So I want to share some of my favorite pictures with you, and maybe it will cheer me up!

These were taken on Rani’s 5th birthday and 2nd gotcha day….July 31st 2006.  The picture of her feet was taken to show how we painted them red like they did in India. 🙂



August 4, 2005

More Birthday!

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Well Rani had the other two birthday parties and boy is she spoiled now!

Her first was a princess party that she invited her friends to. There were 8 girls and Oliver invited. They all dressed up as princesses and had fun playing princessy games. The second was a family party with the Granparents. It was nice.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! As some of you may remember we picked Rani up at the orphanage on her third birthday. The time has surely flown by. She is becoming quite the little lady and we are so happy she is in our family!

I’m sad because somehow some of the pics on my digital camera didn’t come out. But we did get a few. You can see the lovely bindis she is wearing (that was tough!) though and I’m happy about that!

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