June 29, 2004


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I was informed this morning by an email from Teri in India that our court date was yesterday and SHE’S OURS!!!!!!! We finally got legal guardianship of Rani!!!!

The hard thing is, there is still time to wait for the guardianship papers to be sent and to file for her passport and visas. We still don’t have definate travel dates.

But she’s mine! Legally! And no one can take her away!!!!!!!


January 15, 2004


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I just wanted to put up a picture of my daughter’s awesome orphanage. It’s such an amazing place and they do such a good job of making sure these kids get to act like kids, not like inmates! Thank you so much Basundhara!!!


July 9, 2003

Well it’s official!

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AIAA approved our homestudy and Rani is ON HOLD for our family!!! We should be getting our actual referral packet soon. I am so excited to get all of her information.

I’ve decided that if we don’t get our NOC by January that I’m going to take our real estate money and use some of it to go and visit her. At first I thought that wouldn’t be a good idea. But maybe it would help her get used to me before she has to fly millions of miles away to her new home. Or if somehow an exra $2,000 bucks just happens to land in our laps LOL before then I will go sooner. 🙂 But who knows, the Lord knows when she needs to come and maybe we will ge our NOC very quickly. First I’ve got to get my dossier into India though! So that’s what I’m concentrating on at the moment. We have allready taken care of the BCIS paperwork. So our dossier is the last step! (other than fingerprinting)

May 17, 2003

I couldn’t wait to put up a picture…

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So I distorted it on the computer so that I felt more comfortable placing it on this site. As soon as I get my drawing done I will put it up instead. Isn’t she beautiful? I am so excited! I wish I could get everything done faster. It feels like I’m trudging through mud. I want her home with us so much!

What’s in a name?

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What to do…what to do… I mean Ranigandha is a beautiful name, but it is a trifle long and pretty hard to pronounce. It’s pronounced Rah-nih-gun-duh. Most people I’ve talked to think it’s just fine to change an adopted child’s name. In fact I’ve noticed that most people do change them. I really like the nick name Rani and would like to keep it, so I came up with a few other names like Raina, Rania, Rahna, etc that were shorter yet still allowed the Rani nick. DH VETOED them! He wants to keep her name the same. Fine I say and start thinking of middle names. I come up with nada and decide ok how about Ann Ranigandha and we call her Rani still. DH says No, yet he has no personal preferences to lay out on the table. If we use a different middle name I’d really like it to be one syllable since Ranigandha is so long. I love middle names so I don’t really want to just leave her at Ranigandha Hyde KWIM? *sigh* What to do….what to do….

May 15, 2003

A picture a picture! We got a picture!

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She is breathtakingly beautiful! And it’s so amazing she looks like my boys!!! She has a heart shaped face, a tiny indent in her chin, big brown eyes, and Xander’s nose! She is so much lighter than I was picturing. I really thougth she’d be dark but her skin tone is about the same as my husbands. Its the most beautiful olive color! Oh my gosh I am in love! My heart is full to bursting for this little one, thousands of miles away who has no idea that we are thinking of her and praying for her and wishing she was here. Teri was right not to give me the picture before they said yes. My heart would’ve been broken to pieces.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post her picture at a public site. So as soon as my friend prints me out a picture I’m going to draw her and post it. 🙂

We are all on cloud nine here!

May 14, 2003

The Orphanage said YES!!!!

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Oh happy day! Oh happy Day! I got the email from the agency this morning! Xander and I were hugging and kissing and dancing around the room. Pretty exuberant response for a 7yo. She’s still not “officially” ours though. Meaning that any paper ready family could get her still. They won’t put her on hold till the homestudy is done. I’m hustling on that best I can. Yesterday I sent in the pre-application for AIAA. And my sister and BIL’s info for the police clearance. We just need the medicals done now and we can get going on the homestudy interview. The homestudy agency is planning to rush it. I’d ideally like to get our dossier prepared and sent by the end of July. I know that’s pushing it, but it’s my plan. Then it’s just the eternal wait for CARA to grant NOC. *sigh* part of me hopes we catch this whole thing in a smooth time. But I’m being realistic and know it could take much longer than 8 mos from this point. I dream of having her home for Christmas though. Thanks to everyone for your prayers! The Lord has surely been guiding us and will continue to guide us I am sure. We are witnessing mini-miracles right before our eyes!

May 9, 2003

Bilateral Nystagmus

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I’ve done searches on the web about this condition and haven’t come across much definative information. But apparantly it’s pretty rare. So what’s amazing is today I found out that Sully’s clogging teacher has the same thing!!! She spent a few minutes telling me what to expect and how she deals with it in daily life. What a relief to have someone to talk to who knows first hand what it’s like. 🙂 I’m sure she’ll be able to tell me which DR.s are the best ones too. Isn’t that an incredible co-incidence?

This kid is supposed to be ours! I pray every second that the orphanage director thinks so too!!!

May 8, 2003

I think we’ve found her!

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We think we have found our daughter! I am so excited! I found little
Ranigandha (born 7/31/01) in a text listing for Asian kids. Turns out she
is from INDIA! Yay exactly where we thought we needed to go! 😀 She has bilateral nystagmus (dancing or wandering eyes)
but is healthy otherwise as far as they can tell.

This is a little about what happened. We had been looking at text listings
and I wrote down a list of 4-5 kids for my husband to look at. Later on when
I wanted to tell him about them, I could only remember one of them, we call
her dancing eyes. 🙂 Yesterday morning I felt such a strong feeling to call
the agency. It was early in the morning but I called anyway. Not only was
she there but she was also editing a video from Rani’s orphanage at the
time. Right after she told me her name she said “Oh my gosh! Ranigandha just
walked onto the tv screen!” WOW! I almost dropped the phone. 😀 I’m
grinning from ear to ear.

The prayers are needed though, because there is a 50/50 chance that we might
not be able to adopt her. #1 because she is close in age to my baby (10 mos
older) and because I allready have 3 kids. Basically it’s up to the
orphanage director. She was right in the middle of telling me to send my
homestudy when it is done and she would then send it to the director for her
ok, when she suddenly stopped and said “No. You know what, I don’t want you
to wait that long. Send me an email telling about your family and why you
want to adopt her and I’ll send it to India right away.” INSERT JAW DROP
HERE! 😀 So I did! She said the email is perfect! Anyway, I would really
appreciate your prayers on our behalf. I am hoping the Lord will give the
director a little nudge just like He did the agency worker. OH WOW! We could
have her home by Christmas if we hurry! Trying not to get too excited, but
it’s hard. And I haven’t even seen her picture yet! *grin*

Now….where to come up with the money? LOL I’ve got some great ideas for fundraising. Maybe I’ll add a donation link to this page *grin*

Just added

I wanted to post the original bio here, since I want to save it for Rani’s Lifebook. Here are the first words I ever read about my daughter.

“Here is her bio

1. Female, 1y 10m, UPDATED-This sweet little girl was born prematurely weighing 1.1 kg. She is a child who is adored by her caretaker who has put much of her time and energy into helping her meet her developmental goals. I have seen this little one on several occasions since her birth and I’ve rarely seen her caretaker without this particular child on her hip. She makes the eyes of this child sparkle when she enters her room.Despite the gains this child is making, she is showing the delays of many children born prematurely. Her development is behind the expectations of a child her age but she is a happy child who continues to try new things and make developmental gains. When I last saw her in early July, she was crawling well and pulling to a stand (this she accomplished occasionally). She was able to make steps holding on to her crib but it was obvious to me that she is weaker than other children her age. She was tracking, manipulating and playing well with toys. She was babbling with hard consonants and her caretaker reported that she was using two words. I am now awaiting updated developmental information. This child has been diagnosed with bilateral congenital nystagmous (often referred to as eyes that dance).
NEW UPDATE: I just returned from a trip to this little one’s children’s home and the delight of the trip was seeing the changes in this beautiful little girl. She is running, using words appropriately, babbling and singing incessantly. She is doing her best to catch-up on her delays and everyone who knows her is just thrilled with her progress. Although she has bilateral nystagmous, this too has improved to such a degree that I, at first, forgot that this was an issue for her. Although she is still a shy child, I realize now that she has become so secure that she uses her shyness as an attention getter. She has become more coy than shy. After a couple of days of being around her, she was running into my arms, sharing giggles and following my examples during play. All she needs now is her family to “discover” her.”