August 31, 2004


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Now that Rani’s home, I’ve decided to do a little fundraiser. We used a home equity loan to pay for the adoption and I’d really like to get some of it paid off. Especially so we can make room for future adoptions.

I and 9 of my friends are putting together a cookbook. Friends and family have submitted 400 recipes and they are from many regions of the country. There are also some recipes from our children’s countries as well! The cookbook is called “Recipes From Growing Families” and we are very excited about it.

The cost for the cookbook is $15.00+2.00 shipping.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a cookbook to help me meet my minimum that would be so great!!! Just post a comment here and I’ll send you the details!

June 30, 2003

Chinese auction a success!

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It was so much fun and was a success as well! We were able to raise almost the exact same amount as we made from the garage sale! Isn’t that wild? I thought so. eerie in fact. A neighbor of mine made an exquisite hand painted vinyl ethnic doll in commemoration of Arani. It was the most wanted prize and raised a lot of money! I hated to give her up, but am happy to say that she has found a wonderful home with good friends who will cherish her. I’m sure they will take good care of her too.

I sent in the draft with corrections, so now we wait for the final copy and we can send it to the agency! This means I will get Arani’s official referral packet with more pictures and video and medicals and everything! I am so excited! It also means she will be officially put on hold for our family. Hooray!

June 23, 2003

Sucess! The garage sale went very well!

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Wow we made close to $600 with our garage sale fundraiser! People were very generous and we are so grateful. So many people were supportive of our decision to adopt. I am so happy that we’ve been able to involve the community in our efforts. It would be so easy to just get a loan or borrow money from family, but I feel like it would be denying others to share in our joy. So many lives have been touched allready. Arani is going to be so loved, both here at home, and in the community.

I’m getting so antsy about the homestudy! She told me she was going to rush it but it’s been a week and a half since our interview with no word from the social worker. I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it much longer. I’m busy both Monday and Tuesday but I’m hoping I can catch her early tomorrow morning before I leave. I really need to know where we stand. I’m starting to get worried that we need to hurry faster. And usually when I get a feeling like that it’s a sign that I need to get something going!

Please keep our family and our little one in your prayers!

June 19, 2003

Getting ready for the garage sale!

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Our garage sale fundraiser goes underway this Saturday at 8 am! Many have donated used items for our sale. DH is even going to put a for sale sign on his precious dune buggy! My niece donated her tricycle. What a little doll. Many kids in our neighborhood are having lemonade stands and whatnot to raise money as well! We have such a great community here! I am truly blessed to live here.

Today the kids and I are going through their toys to see which ones they want to give up for Arani. They are good boys so I know they’ll be generous!

June 9, 2003

Final total

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Well, the final total on the raffle was $357.00 Thank you so much! That almost covers our homestudy charge. 🙂

The first homestudy interview is Thursday! I am so excited! Nervous too, but excited to be getting going on this. I want the homestudy done so that I know Rani is for sure on hold for us! Also I know the agency has more pictures and video and I want to see it! 🙂 This is more tough than waiting for a pregnancy to be at an end. At least when you are pregnant you have your baby with you! It’s so hard knowing that someone else is caring for my little girl! I pray every day that they are gentle with her and loving.

May 29, 2003

Raffle tickets are on sale!

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Tickets for the raffle are on sale now! Click HERE to buy tickets!

I passed my exam of course. The midwife was really excited for us. She recommended me for adoption “without hesitation” She also really praised me on my weight loss which is always nice to hear. So, I am mailing those tomorrow and we should be going on the whole homestudy thing! Yay!

May 23, 2003

The Raffle is ON!

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We have recieved so many donations so far!!! Thanks so much everyone! Keep ’em coming! Tickets for the raffle will go on sale early next week. Also that you so much for those who have given generous gifts via Paypal We are so grateful for your generostity! Where there is a will there is a way and we are going to get our baby home where she belongs! I’m so happy! It’s all feeling like it’s coming together now. It’s feeling so real. I’m going to have a daughter! Yippee!!!!!