April 23, 2004

A year ago

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A year ago at this time my family was preparing to go on a weekend trip, just as we are today. Our adoption journey was heading nowhere and we were starting to ask God “Are we really supposed to adopt?” I was feeling so frustrated because for four years the Lord had been telling me “Adopt!” and now all I was feeling was confusion! We planned to use the trip as a special time of fasting and prayer. After our fast we prayed as a family and recieved distinct impressions that we were using the wrong agency, the child was older, and the child had special needs (we were using LDSFS to try to adopt a healthy infant.) It was on that trip that I drew this picture of the little girl I imagined might someday be my daughter.


We came home and I emailed thirty agencies asking for waiting child listings. Only four replied and there were a few children who looked promising, but didn’t feel like “the one.” In frustration I went back to the textlistings at ichild where I’d searched and searched for the past month, just to see if there were any new listings. As I perused the listing for AIAA I came across the little girl that would someday be my daughter. :princess Each time I’d read the listings before she had jumped out at me but I had passed her over for being too old! This time I KNEW! It was like a miracle after that moment. Everything fell into place! And now here we are a year later and she’s almost home. I trust the Lord. He guided us to Ahrana, and on He knows when she needs to come home. He also knows we plan to adopt again and so Rani needs to come home in a certain timetable. I’m so grateful for His guidance in my life and especially in this adoption. God is good!

April 15, 2004

Thank you AnneMarie for the sanskrit site!

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It’s been so helpful! Aruna is pronounces AH-RUN (is in I need to run to the store)

So I’ve decided after much researching that I want her name to be Aruna but am going to Americanize the spelling a little to Ahrana. What do you think? Still have to run it by DH but I think he’ll like it. And as for the spelling, I just know if we leave the u that she’ll be aroona you know. And the AH is to stress the first syllable a little more so we don’t get eranna :veryhappy I’m loving it, I hope DH does too!

Ahrana Zilpha means Radiant Angel of Light or Dawn of the Angel of Light! Beautiful! Ahrana also means Ruby in some dialects (spelled aruna of course.)

And the NEWS is good, it’s just not 100% guaranteed yet. Boy do I wish I had a private blog! I’ll update as soon as I can!!!!

PS leave a comment if you want more details :wink


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I am having difficulty sleeping tonight. I know that the powers that be are having yet another meeting today, probably right now! I wish I could go into more detail about what it going on, but so far this week we know for sure that they haven’t filed our NOC. I’m trying not to panic too much and I am very trusting that the agency and orphanage are handling it, but I’ll tell you if they say I have to wait two weeks till the next meeting I just may have a heart attack! I’ve never prayed so hard in my life or wanted anything so much! I just know that the joy and relief I will feel when we finally get past this first hurdle will feel so great! I just wish I could feel it now!

I sure wish I could figure out what the pronunciations of Aruna and Laranya are. I’m just sure I’m pronouncing them wrong. And tonight DH says “what about Rainy?” Um…no way! It’s RAH-nee and I want it to be Rani. He doesn’t like Aruna though, which is my fave right now. This naming stuff is absolutely difficult. I did have a dream last night that she was named Aruna. Maybe it was a sign from God? I wish! :dunno

April 13, 2004

More names…

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Adding a few more to my list

Anala (Fiery)
Anandi (joyful)
Ananti (gift)
Aruna (Radiant/also found it somewhere as dawn)
Avani (earth)
Avanti (modest)
Bharati (India)
Laranya (graceful)
Sajani (beloved, well loved)
Varouna (infinite)
Ramani (Beautiful Girl)

April 12, 2004

The Swastika?

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I was doing a websearch on the name we have chosen for our daughter and came up with THIS.

” Burnouf (1) recounts the myth of Agni (from which comes, through the Latin ignis, the English word igneous), the god of Sacred Fire, as told in the Veda: (2)
The young queen, the mother of Fire, carried the royal infant mysteriously concealed in her bosom. She was a woman of the people, whose common name was “Arani” ? that is, the instrument of wood (the Swastika) from which fire was made or brought by rubbing. * * * the origine of the sign [Swastika] is now easy to recognize. It represents the two pieces of wood which compose l’arani, of which the extremities were bent to be retained by the four nails. At the junction of the two pieces of wood was a fossette or cup-like hole, and there they placed a piece of wood upright, in form of a lance (the Pramantha), violent rotation of which, by whipping (after the fashion of top-whipping), produced fire, as did Prometheus, the porteur du feu, in Greece.”

That is not the only “history of the swastika” page that popped up. Where was all of this information 10 months ago when I was researching names??? I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been 100% confident with the name Arani. I really want to call her Rani as a nickname though and it was the only name close. But we are pronouncing it incorrectly and that could be a problem. *sigh* I’m so torn. I don’t know what to do!

I’m researching names yet again and here are some I’ve come up with (her nickname will be Rani{Queen} no matter what) Her middle name will be Zilpha which means Angel of Light. Do you like these?

Aradhana (worship)
Arundhati (a star)
Arandhati (a star)
Banani (forests)
Bharani (name of a celestial star)
Indrani (wife of lord Indra)
Janani (mother)
Karuna (compassion, mercy)
Sundari (beautiful)
Tarana (a musical composition)
Vanani (forest)

April 5, 2004

New photos!

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I just noticed that Andrea has new photos of Jiashi!

Lily Jiashi She is getting so cute!

March 30, 2004

How exciting!

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My new friend Christiane is sending me photos from Sweden of her daughter with Rani when they picked her up from Basundhara in 2002! I’m so excited to have more pictures to add to her lifebook! I’m almost done with her lifebook and look forward to the day when I can share the beautiful pages I have made for her with you. Rani is so beautiful, I am so happy that she is going to be my daughter. Even though her eyes are not perfect, we are so filled with love for this child, and long to have her here in our arms!

March 8, 2004

Feeling Better

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Even though we are feeling like we are :banghead and being dangled like a :yo-yo we are feeling much better. My orphanage and agency are behind us 100% and are working hard to find a way to get this to go through! I’m so grateful to have an agency that not only keeps me informed, but that is willing to go to bat for us when we need them to!

For those who are new readers, NOC stands for No Objection Certificate which is the first step in adopting a child from India. Once they approve you, you can move forward and petition the local court for guardianship, and once you have legal guardianship you can take the child out of the country and adopt her.

February 29, 2004

Well, it’s been another month

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It’s been another month. I emailed AIAA to see if they will email Basundhara and find out if they asked for a new medical again or finally granted us NOC. It’s very possible that they are delaying it again, but I’m hopeful of course, as I should be.

Oh and I wanted to put out here in Cyber Space that I’ve made a new friend! Her name is Cheryl, she has 2 sons, is LDS, homeschools, and believe it or not is adopting a little girl from Pune, India who is one month older than Rani!!! She lives near me! :sing “Hi Cheryl! I’m so happy to have met you and can’t wait to get together! ” Cheryl’s family recieved their NOC last month after waiting for 7 months. We’ve been waiting for 5 so far. They are just waiting on their second court date and they’ll have guardianship and be able to go get their little girl! Congratulations Cheryl!!!

February 18, 2004

A new video

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Oh last night I went out to a movie with my girlfriends. It was refreshing and exactly what I needed. When I got home I grabbed the mail and what to my wondering eyes should appear? A new video of Rani! I rushed inside, watched the video once, and then watched all of the 4 videos I have of her in consecutive order.

I can’t believe how much older she acts. The pictures definately show she has grown but seeing her interact with other children, it’s obvious that she is fast leaving babyhood behind.

My favorite part of the video shows Rani being quite coy. Teri is trying to get her to say “Mommy, and Daddy” and Rani is having none of it. She keeps smiling a mischievious smile at Teri and pretending not to understand what is wanted of her. Finally one of the Ayahs starts talking really fast and loud to Rani in Oriyan and at the end of that speech Rani pipes up with a “Mommy” and a “Daddy” right quick! She also demonstrated her counting skills by saying a few numbers in English. I love that they are working a little on language with her.

Apparantly she has loved her little scrapbook to death! I made her a scrapbook where the pictures velcro onto the page. She has them all mixed up now and the workers giggle because under Daddy’s picture it says “Bah ih” Brother. :rofl

I have to admit I got all teary when she said Mommy. Oh I long to get her home! Please pray that we will hear good news soon! Thanks!

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