October 13, 2003

A Lovey for Rani

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I mentioned in an earlier post that a friend was making a little lovey quilt to send to Rani. It turned out so cute! It’s 18″x18″, just perfect for a little 2yo to carry around. This pic don’t do it justice but I wanted to share!

Scrapbooking 014.JPG

I wish you could see the butterflies on the second pic. They didn’t scan well.

I hope Rani likes it!

October 2, 2003

Dossier is off to India

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Got word yesterday that our dossier is finally off to India! Yay! I’m so excited. 🙂 I’m trying to be realistic time wise as I know Indian adoptions take long. I’ve told everyone we expect March but in my heart of hearts I’m praying for sooner.

Last night I had a dream that when we went to India to pick up Rani we found another little one that was to be ours and had to go home and start the paperwork process. DH is adamant that it was just a reflection of my hope to get Rani home soon. I don’t think so. I guess we won’t know right away but I’m going to be eyeing the babes in the nursery none-the-less as you never know. Of course it would definatlely be a while as you have to wait 6 months for finalization and have to have that before you can persue another adoption. but hmmmm who knows. 😉