March 31, 2004

Madison is here!!!

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Please pay Dawn a visit and give her a great big :hug. Madison was born March 30th, 2004~!

This Woman’s Work

March 30, 2004

How exciting!

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My new friend Christiane is sending me photos from Sweden of her daughter with Rani when they picked her up from Basundhara in 2002! I’m so excited to have more pictures to add to her lifebook! I’m almost done with her lifebook and look forward to the day when I can share the beautiful pages I have made for her with you. Rani is so beautiful, I am so happy that she is going to be my daughter. Even though her eyes are not perfect, we are so filled with love for this child, and long to have her here in our arms!

It’s a no go…

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No NOC for us this month. *sigh* I’m ok…..I’m ok….really I am….. :karate

March 29, 2004

Still waiting…

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I’m sorry to say that we have no news to update with yet. I’m really hoping to hear from my agency tomorrow morning. Needless to say I am on pins and needles! I can’t sleep so I’m still up. It’s daytime in India right now. I wonder what Rani is doing…maybe eating lunch? *sigh*

I found a new email pal! Christiane lives in Sweden and adopted her little Sophia from the same room Rani is in. The girls are the same age! She picked up her little one in July of 2002 just as they were turning a year old. I’m excited to have met her and can’t wait to start exchanging pictures!

Meeting Cheryl

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It was so fun meeting Cheryl and her family! Her DH comes from a family of 15 kids! Way to go LuAnn! :thumbsup

I really enjoyed it, but I wish we could have had a little more time to chat. Thank you for inviting us Cheryl!

March 28, 2004

I’m meeting Cheryl today!!!

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I’m excited to meet Cheryl for the first time today at the Blessing of her son Charles! She is adopting a little girl who is the same age as Rani and we are within driving distance. We look forward to the day when our girls will be able to meet each other as well!

I have to say, even though the wait has been tremendously difficult. I’m glad to know that India loves their children and wants what’s best for them. I pray that soon they will see that we will love Rani with all of our hearts, that we treat her as if she were our third-born child, not our fourth, and that she will be able to blossom from Princess to Queen in our home!

The Promise

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The Promise

I know I must wait for the Lord to unfold;
My heart fills with fear for all that’s untold.

Wanting so badly to walk in your will;
My eyes see it clearly, yet I stand still.

Listening so closely to hear your voice;
Realizing in hearing, it demands a choice.

Knowing you promise to lead with a plan;
But wondering how on earth will I stand.

Dying to self is what I hear your voice say;
I cry out to you Lord, “Is that the way?”

Your love tenderly whispers, “My daughter be bold;
For my strength is sufficient, your heart shall never
grow cold.”

“For my timing now is perfect, as so is my plan;
All you have to do is let me take command.”

“Each door I will open, each key I will give;
Through you, my child, My spirit wishes to live.”

“Go now with confidence for I will show you the road;
I will shorten the length, I will carry the load.”

“In all that you go through, you may be reviled;
But shall walk out victoriously
With the hand of a child!”

Heather Beazley

March 22, 2004

Meeting again this week

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March 21, 2004

Meeting again this week

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Our family had a special fast and prayer day for our adoption today. The Agency in India is likely meeting again this week which means our case will go before them again. If you are the praying kind, your petitions to the Father in our behalf this week would be much appreciated. Keep us in your thoughts! We are praying this time will be the one! :pray

March 17, 2004

Congratulations Cheryl!

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Just wanted to say Congratulations to my new friend Cheryl, who after many months of waiting and tribulation got the blessed news that they recieved guardianship for their daughter Olivia Bijali in Pune India today!!!! We are rejoicing and sending thanks to the Father today!!! :prayI have faith that someday we will be rejoicing over Rani’s guardianship someday soon!:hug:party:highfive:laugh:heartbeat

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