May 29, 2004

Virginia is in China!!!

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Mortimer’s Mom


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So sorry, my blogging has been so slow. It’s tough to find the time when you are caring for thirteen kids! LOL

My good friend Kathy is on her way to India to get her little girl! She is taking a bunch of gifts for Rani as well. I had a special bracelet made especially for her, and had a matching one made for me. I’m wearing it every day. Every time I look at it, I think of her and wonder how she’s doing. I’m going to wear it every day till I get to show it to her in person! She will recieve hers on June 4th. By June 10th, the courts will reopen and Kath will be at home, so I’ll have new pictures! I can’t wait till June 10th!!! Only twelve more days to go!

May 19, 2004

Busy is a blessing

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I am soooo busy right now! So many things going on for my boys at this time of year. I feel like I’m always on the go :moped And to top it all off, my boys and I are moving into a friends home for a month. We are leaving tonight. We will be caring for ten of my friend’s fourteen children as she jets :lilplane to Ethiopia for four more little ones! I’m so excited for her and am looking forward to a busy month! We will be sewing diapers for my daughters orphanage, the boys have a ballet recital next week, and Sully has baseball practices and games. I’m glad I’m busy though, because by the time my life turns to normal, the Orissa courts will be open again! :cloud9

May 14, 2004

Anne leaves tomorrow!

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I’m so excited! My good friend, Anne, finally gets to pick up her little Eleanor from Ganghzou! She leaves tomorrow!!!

Pictures and travel updates of Eleanor


Another dress for Rani!

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Just won this new dress for Rani. It probably won’t get here in time to send, but I’ll add it to my collection!

Rani’s New Dress

May 13, 2004

Feelin’ low

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Just heard from my agency that the Orissa courts close tomorrow without having seen our case. They don’t reopen until the 10th of June, which means our case won’t be heard until the 10th or later than that. It’s extremely doubtful that we will be able to travel before her birthday. :grumpy

May 12, 2004

Congratulations to the Hainsworths!

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Congratulations to Andrea and Jason who just picked up Lily Jiashi!!!

They posted Gotcha Day Pics

May 10, 2004

Not sure what to write…

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We, of course, are in waiting limbo again. Nothin’ much to do but wait. I’m gathering items to send to Ahrana when my friend Kathy goes to India. So far I’ve got a sweet pink dress, cotton knit for the top, cotton woven for the bottom. A mommy and baby elephant holding tails grace the bodice and a simple printed design decorates the hem. Very simple and very sweet. Next I have a matching pair of Robeez shoes. I hope they fit as I have no idea what size she wears. And I also had a sweet bracelet made and I’m going to have one made for me so we match when I pick her up.

I really want to send her a soft photocube but I can’t find one anywhere! I may have to settle for a talking one and sing her a lullaby maybe. Then I’m going to send a picture book with some small English words as well. I’m hoping she will like the gifts! I can’t wait to get her home! :heartbeat

May 3, 2004

Coming down off the high

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Wow, it feels so wierd to finally have NOC after such a long wait. I sometimes can’t believe that it’s real. I keep waiting to feel differently, but so far I still feel the same. I’m afraid to hope that we will get guardianship by the end of the month. I’m trying to be realistic that we will likely get caught in the shut down season which means we’d miss Rani’s birthday. I guess I’m just afraid to get my hopes up.

BUT on the bright side. I’ve bought two dresses(I’m trying to be conservative still *grin*) and am preparing a gift basket to send to her when my good friend Kathy goes to pick up her little Nina. I’m so excited as Kath leaves at the end of the month and that means new pics and possible video of our princess! New pics always make the waiting more bearable!!!