July 28, 2004

Leaving on a jet plane!!!!

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:lilplaneOh how long I’ve waited to write those words! I can’t believe after 15 months the day has finally come for us to go get our daughter! So many things have happened over the last year. I have grown so much; our family has grown so much; and Rani has grown as well. We are so grateful that the Lord led us down this path to adoption. We know without a doubt that He guides our every move. Over the past few days we have had spiritual experiences that have solidified this knowledge in our hearts. We do not go on this journey alone. God and His angels :angel are watching over us and guiding us. Together we will accomplish this task, and all together we will become a family.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this adventure. Our plane leaves 8:25pm mountain time. We arrive in India at 8:00AM mountain time on the 30th. We meet Rani on her third birthday, the 31st.

I’m still not sure how much internet access I will have, but I plan to update this site as often as possible.

We’re going to India!!!! Woooohooooooooo!!!!!

July 25, 2004

Pictures of Rani

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The guardianship papers arrived, and along with them Teri sent a tracing of Rani’s foot(size 7, the size I’ve been buying LOL) and new pictures! The first one is of Rani in one of the dresses I sent her. Can you believe it’s a size 2t? This girl is tiny! The second one has to be my alltime favorite! It’s scary how much it looks like the picture I drew of my future daughter before I ever found her. I’m so glad they’ve left her hair long!!!

Pretty in PinkBeautiful curls

Cutting it close.

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Whew! I spent all day yesterday and today painting Rani’s room! That was a lot of work, and talk about cutting it close. LOL The bed is still not quite done, but DH will take care of that tomorrow. I thought you might like to see my handiwork(and may I say, painting a room red is a serious pain!):crazy


July 22, 2004

I have the best friends in the whole wide world!!!

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Last night my friends and family threw me a shower. To say I was completely blown away would be an understatement. To have so many women in one room showing their love and support of me; it was truly amazing! I always knew I had a lot of friends, but could never realize the scope of that till I saw them all in the same room! Wow! The night was spectacular! A night to always remember. Thank you gals!!! :lovestruck

And yes I am wearing a Salwar Kameez! I love them!!!

Shower picture 1

Shower Picture 2

July 20, 2004

The Visas are here!

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We got our visas this morning! Yay! That was our last big hurdle to overcome. Now I just have to get the packing and shopping done and we’re all set!!! :-):veryhappy

July 19, 2004

Paperwork is all set…

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Got everything signed and notarized today; made copies in triplicate; and got my last vaccination shot. :yuck Boy am I glad that’s over with!

The guardianship papers showed up at my agency today. I can’t wait to actually see them! They will be sending them to me along with some formula and lice treatment to take to the orphanage.

I finalized my plane tickets today. It turns out we are not going around the world after all. We found cheaper tickets home through Asia. That’s OK. It would have been cool to go all the way around the world though! 🙂 The plane tickets should be here tomorrow! Yee Haw! :laugh

Congratulations Carrie!!!

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Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Carrie Ostrea of Family Bound who after 18 months has finally recieved her referral!!! Congrats Carrie!!!!!


Ranis bed…test of the email system

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Cool it works! I’m praying I can send pics while on our trip, but it may not be easy. I will try though!

These are pictures of the bed my DH is working on for Rani. He was up all night sanding it down and it’s now ready for painting. It’s going to be black. I really like it! I doubt she’ll be sleeping in it though. She will probably pile in bed with the rest of us! LOL

Rani's bed

rani's bed



July 14, 2004


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As you can see, I removed all of the scrapbook entries. It was getting difficult for some computers to load them all. I finished all of the pages(unless Teri gives me new photos before we go) and have placed them all on a webpage for your viewing pleasure. Please let me know what you think!

Shanti’s Scrapbook

Little things

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There are a million last minute things to do in adoption. Every time I think I have it all done, a few more creep up.

We had our vaccinations done on Monday and my arm still hurts! The oral Typhoid vaccine is giving me major headaches. AND we still have to go back next monday for another Hep A/B. ICK! Luckily the needles were small, they didn’t hurt at least. It sure hurts like the dickens now though.

I’m trying to get a bunch of NIX brand lice treatment to take with us. That stuff is $10 a box! I hope my friends don’t think it’s tacky; I’m asking each guest to bring a bottle to the shower. LOL it still won’t be near enough how much the orphanage needs.

I’m trying to get all the cloth diapers sewn that I am taking. I have all my friends madly sewing away. The goal is 4 dozen diapers, 2 dozen covers, and 1 dozen All-in-ones. Whew! Gotta hurry!!!:taekwondo

I sent in our visa paperwork and only sent HALF the fee! I don’t know where my brain is I swear! Dh will be off to the PO tonight to overnight the rest of the money. LOL

The last thing we have to do is get all of our documents for the I-864 signed and notarized. Then we’ll be scott free! I hope. :wink

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