October 29, 2004

Halloween costume

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October 26, 2004

Halloween costume

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Today was our homeschool Halloween party and Rani dressed as an Indian Princess. This is a Five Piece Sahara dress from Eshakti.com and she looks absolutely gorgeous in it!

Sahara dress from Eshakti

Indian Princess

October 25, 2004

First trip to the amusement park

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We took Rani to an amusement park for the first time on Saturday. It was raining and cold and most of the rides were too scary for her. Oh well, maybe she’ll like it better next year. Here is a picture I took of her while riding the train.

wonder on the train

a poster asked that I post some of my favorite recipes from the cookbook. Frankly I don’t know as I haven’t tried any of them but the ones I submitted myself. My favorite is an Indian recipe for Channa Masala. There are also some yummy bread recipes that I like. The recipes are very diverse as they came from ten families all over the country. If I get time later I may be able to list a few more recipes.

October 20, 2004

Pictures of Rani

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted pictures of Rani. These pictures were taken Sunday October 9th before church.

Zig zag ponies
October 9th

Cookbooks are here!!!

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Yay! Now we can finally get this fundraiser underway!

We are raising money to pay off our adoption debt in hopes that we will be able to adopt a sister for Rani next year. My DH doesn’t think I can do it, let’s show him we can!

These cookbooks are wonderful! They were put together by 10 families who are trying to finance adoptions. They have recipes from all over the country as well as recipes from our children’s countries. There are 400 recipes total. These books would make wonderful and affordable Christmas gifts! The price is $15.00 + $2.00 shipping

Here is a picture of one of the cookbooks


Please support us! Thank you so much! To pay via paypal click on the button below. To pay via check, please make a comment to this post and I will email you the instructions.

MRI and other things

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OK, it’s been a long time since I posted so I’ll try to be brief.

First of all, I wanted to post about a sweet moment I had with my daughter last week. It was after ballet class and Rani was throwing one of her usual tantrums. I picked her up to comfort her and was rubbing her back and legs. I said “Wow you sure are ‘mommy-needy’ today honey.” She responded by smiling and cuddling her face into me more. Then she looked up at me and said “My Shanti give me my Mommy.” I just started tearing up. That had to be the sweetest thing. And what a relief that she realizes that Shanti wanted her to be with us. That means she doesn’t feel “kidnapped” and she knows she is safe. :hug

As for the MRI, what an ordeal! First of all, I have never ever had a child sedated for anything before. I had no idea it would be such a “big deal.” I didn’t know it would be an IV sedation and I didn’t know she wouldn’t be able to walk for 24 hours! These things would have been very nice to know in advance. Rani likes to be prepared and so do I! I had to cancel a date with my hubby that night that I was really looking forward to and I literally couldn’t leave her alone for a second. She couldn’t even crawl across the floor without falling over. It was an emotional day for both of us, but she grew even more attached to me. I’ve noticed that since MRI day she rubs my skin a lot more rather than her own. I’m grateful for that. She even likes to put her face against my neck. It’s really cute.

As for the results of the test. They were normal as we expected. You know we are going to do all these test and come right back to the same result “congenital”(which means hereditary) nystagmus. I hate doing all this to her for nothing. But at least we’ll know “for sure” right? Anyway, I don’t know when the next test will be, but at least we’ll be more prepared for the sedation this time! :rolleyes

October 13, 2004

No Hep B!

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We finally have the results and Ahrana does not have Hep B! We are so relieved. I’m not sure if the Dr. wants us to do any more tests. My DH talked with her and he didn’t ask. I want to get her TB tested since another little girl that came from her orphanage tested as TB exposed.

But we are happy that our little girl is healthy! YAY! :pray

October 7, 2004

Shanti’s Scrapbook

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I’m working on some new pages for Shanti’s scrapbook. That way I can send some pictures with the letter I wrote in response to hers. I just added 5 new pages. I am going to add at least three more in the next day or two, but I thought it would be fun to post for you the ones I’ve allready done. It’s almost 2:00AM otherwise I’d just work on them now! :wink

Let me know what you think. The newest ones are at the bottom.

Shanti’s Scrapbook

October 6, 2004

A letter from her house mother

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We recieved a letter from Rani’s house mother today along with other things she sent for Rani. The letter was so sweet. I can’t wait to write a response. The poor thing didn’t even get to say goodbye! It was a bad situation all around. Both Rani and I had a good cry after we read the letter. It touched my heart and seeing the items from India reminded her of her grief.

No word on the hep B results yet. We are waiting not too patiently.

October 5, 2004

Elevated liver function…

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