March 10, 2005

Blessing Day

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A special ordinance in our church is the “Name and a Blessing” given to each baby in the church. It is a way for the members to get to see the baby and hear the name the parents have chosen. Now that Rani is officially our daughter, we were able to give her a name and a blessing last Sunday. She is now officially Ahrana (Rani) Zilpha! She was really nervous during the blessing but LOVED the party afterward. Here she is in her lovely blessing dress, made by my mother, and patterned after an India Choli dress.


And here she is modelling her lovely hairdo!


Things are much better around here. She’s learning to obey, sleeping in her own room, and even earned a box of cookies for “not being the mother” LOL. She’s a darling little angel and when it comes to ballet she has a grace and agility that is amazing. She only has to see something once, and she practices and practices relentlessly until she gets it right!