August 30, 2005

She’s going to the Olympics…

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LOL well not yet anyway. 🙂

Rani has been begging to take gymnastics ever since her brother started in July. I have been saying “No” as she is starting clogging in two weeks(which she begged for) and continuing with her ballet. I told her its just too much. But the gym my little guy goes to started a class that is at the same time as my son’s just for kids her age and my DH talked me into signing her up(after all it would be one less kid to corral after the baby comes).

She started today and was ECSTATIC! I’ve never seen her so joyful. It’s like she was born to be in a gym. LOL The teacher was so impressed with her skills she couldn’t stop raving. LOL I just kept thinking “I know…she’s good at everything she tries”. Olympics here she comes? I hope not….but you never know.

August 24, 2005

The Best of Friends

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I would have never believed one year ago as I sat watching two screaming toddlers fighting over my lap,

“My Mamma!”
“No MY Mamma”
“My Mamma!”
“No MY Mamma”

that I’d ever see a picture of them as adorable as this one. They who once were mortal enemies are now the best of friends. They spend the bulk of every day playing dress-up, house, supermarket, superheroes, and restaurant. We’ve only had a few glitches, other than every day spats. Rani knows she is the eldest(by 10 months) and likes to keep it this way. When Ollie turned 3 she was very upset.

“No I’M three!”

But now that she’s four she’s OK again. She is definately NOT happy that Oliver is in her ballet class this year, but alas as she has no choice she’s not complaining that much. The class is for 3-4yos so next year she’ll move up. It sure is convenient for me to have them share a class. Less time I have to spend at the studio this year.

I’m so grateful that they have learned to love each other so much. I’m so grateful that our adoption has worked out so beautifully and that Rani seems happy to be in our family.


August 5, 2005

Rani the cleaning maching

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I just have to blog about Rani and her ability to clean. This girl is an amazing whirlwind when it is job time. She can finish a job that it takes my older boys to do in half the time or less. It’s tough though because she is so young and technically the only job she’s responsible for is her room. Every day at Family Planning Meeting though she begs for more jobs. She runs off to complete them lickity split and BAM she’s back begging for more. Some days I give her more, and other days I tell her she’s done enough. She hates it when she’s done and usually begs Sullivan(the almost 7yo) to help him with his jobs, which he secretly relishes.

So what should I do? Should I keep finding more jobs for her to help with or let her practically do all her brother’s jobs every day? I never thought I could complain about a child wanting to help TOO much but I honestly can with her.

I’m so proud of her proactivity and agility. She is constantly moving and is really good at everything she tries. In fact, her brother Sully recently started to do gymnastics and has been teaching her. My 4yo girl(who is the size of a 2.5yo) can do cartwheels! 😀 I just wish that she didn’t make me feel bad for not working her so hard. She’s NOT Cinderella for heaven’s sake, no matter what she would like to think. *wink*

Not to mention I’m a little nervous about how helpful she plans to be with the baby. I wonder if she’ll try to nurse baby Finneas when I’m not looking! LOL She wants to do everything she sees and really thinks she can. I can’t wait to see what kind of a young woman she becomes. I’m excited at the prospect!

August 4, 2005

More Birthday!

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Well Rani had the other two birthday parties and boy is she spoiled now!

Her first was a princess party that she invited her friends to. There were 8 girls and Oliver invited. They all dressed up as princesses and had fun playing princessy games. The second was a family party with the Granparents. It was nice.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! As some of you may remember we picked Rani up at the orphanage on her third birthday. The time has surely flown by. She is becoming quite the little lady and we are so happy she is in our family!

I’m sad because somehow some of the pics on my digital camera didn’t come out. But we did get a few. You can see the lovely bindis she is wearing (that was tough!) though and I’m happy about that!