May 30, 2006

Approved for two

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We had our homestudy interview tonight and it went very well.  Our social worker is wonderful.  She’s so good at making sure we realize the risks while still being friendly and supportive. 

We talked  about adopting two and though she recommended just one, she left it up to us to decide.  David almost said one but then changed his mind and told her to put two.  I was flabbergasted.  I was happy too, because I really wanted to be approved for two just in case.

So right now the plan is to adopt a toddler girl.  And if when we’re in Africa we feel impressed to adopt a baby as well, we will have the approval to do so.

May 25, 2006

Breathing Room

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We found out at yesterday’s One More Starfish meeting that we will not have to authenticate our dossiers after all.  That gives us two weeks of breathing room and it feels good.  Believe it or not I have gathered almost everything this week for the dossier and have been so happy with how smoothly it has gone so far.  I’m almost dissapointed that we aren’t doing the authentication process, because I really will get it done in time!

Our website design is going well.  I designed the layout and one of the other members of the crew, JT, is doing the coding.  He’s doing a fabulous job and soon we will have it ship shape!  You are welcome to view the process at

May 23, 2006


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We found out last Wednesday that as a group we have decided to assemble an entire dossier instead of just the documents required by Rwanda.  I was so excited because I got all the homestudy paperwork done and then I found out I was just barely getting started.  *sigh*

This morning I got our police clearances for the dossier done and picked up more copies of my marriage license.  Tomorrow I’m going to get a travelling notary to stop by the Dr.s office for an official letter and contact one more reference person to write us a notarized letter.

I only have until the first part of June to get this all done because it needs two weeks to be authenticated.  I can only do my best to get as much done each day that I can.

May 15, 2006

We made the announcement last night

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For mother’s day we decided it would be a good time to announce that we are adopting again to our family.  For the most part they reacted favorably.  I can tell that most of them think we are completely off our rockers, but it’s ok.  I really don’t expect people to understand.  The way my brain works is different from most of the people on the planet.  None of them said it to our faces though, and they seemed happy for us for the most part.  I thought my own grandmother was going to have a heart attack though.  I can imagine it’s even more difficult for her to understand.

Our homestudy is cruizin right along.  We should be getting our police clearances this week.  Our medicals are on Wednesday.  Our references are  writing their letters and I’ve collected the rest of our papers.  As soon as we get our police reports we will have our interview.

May 8, 2006

A Note to Friends and Family

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You are the the few, the proud, the priveleged the only ones in my real life to know about our adoption plans!  The main reason for this is that I’m just not ready to answer all the anxiety ridden questions I’m bound to hear as soon as I bring it up.  So for those of you who are “in the know” here are a few answers so that you don’t need to ask the questions you are dying to ask.

#1. Yes, we are taking Finneas with us to Africa.  He is still nursing and it would be difficult to find a babysitter who would be patient enought to handle his grief, and to parent him the way I would parent him.  Dh and I have weighed the pros and cons and we have prayed about it and we feel confident that the decision to take him with us is the right one.

#2.  Yes we are aware of the diseases that we can catch there.  We will be taking as many precautions as we can.  I’m sorry if this worries and distresses you, but have faith that we will be in the Lord’s hands.

#3.  Yes we have heard about the Rwandan Genocide and realize the tensions that may be there.  Right now Rwanda is not in turmoil and we should be as safe as we can be in a foreign country.  Please don’t worry, and if you are worried pray for us instead of trying to talk us out of it.

 If you have any other concerns, please feel free to post them here and I will address them. 

Please if your feelings have been hurt because I haven’t spoken with you personally about this yet, please know that it was not to intentionally leave you out.  I haven’t “gone public” with this yet though some people do know allready.  It’s not secret.  Feel free to spread the word…but please don’t feel bad if I haven’t talked to  you yet.  I will I promise.

May 4, 2006

He said YES!

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Well after almost a month of deliberation, DH has finally come to the same conclusion I have.  Rani needs a sister. :-)  The age of the child we will adopt is still in debate.  I want a baby this time and he wants a child closer to Rani’s age(she’ll be 5 then).  But we are officially moving forward with our homestudy.  Quickly actually, we need it done in 4 weeks!