June 30, 2006

More Frustrations

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Well, the trip to Rwanda was a fruitful one.  We found an orphanage willing to work with any size family, and even with single mothers.  We made contacts with other orphanages for humanitarian work.  We have a list of huge things that are needed and are now left with a lot of fundraising to do.  And we turned in our dossiers to the Ministry of Family and Gender Promotion.  It was a very helpful trip and we are so happy these things happened for us.

There are a few frustrations though, that when I discussed them with my husband he started wondering if we should go through with the adoption.

#1.  Getting visas in Nairobi, Kenya is looking like it could take weeks to months.  That is after we have spent two weeks doing humanitarian aid and hopefully completing the adoption process for our children.  So there is a good possibility I will have be gone from my kids for a very long time.  My husband is starting to wonder if we shouldn’t just wait and go on the second trip when we will have more of an idea what will happen.  I don’t want to do this.  I can’t wait that long and my daughter will be four months older.  I can’t stand to watch her grow up without us like our Rani did.  I want to get her home or at least with me, as soon as possible.

Another option is to do it in two trips.  I don’t like this idea either.  Legally the children will already be ours.  Will the orphanage still let them stay?  And can I leave them there when they are mine?  I can’t imagine being able to do that.  I’d rather stay in a hotel in Nairobi and be their mama while we wait.  My husband is not fond of that…but I really can’t see any other option.

#2.  Frustration #2 is the amount of very young babies placed at the orphanage.  There are very few children under 2 yrs old.  About 50, which sounds like a lot, but when we have a crew of seven families hoping to adopt 20 children under 4, it could become an issue.  One couple is going two weeks early, and I think it would be beneficial for them to take pictures and send pictures/names/ages of the babies and toddlers home to us before we even step on the plane so that it isn’t an issue in country.  I want a very young infant girl.  But so do five other families…it may become an issue.  And because my husband isn’t 100% sure about adopting two, I feel that I should defer to the other families first.  I’m so sad about that though. 

What comes down to is faith.  We have to trust that the Lord knows how many babies are wanted and will help them to get there.  We know He can move mountains, and therefore we must have faith that he will move them in Nairobi.  It is my prayer that we can just trust Him and turn to Him and let Him guide us through the unknown.  We know it is His wish for us to go, so we will walk forward knowing that He can see the path and will show us the way.

June 25, 2006


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I’m trying to think of some names to have as an option…I don’t want to make any decisions until I know her orphanage name, because I would like to keep it if it’s at all cute…but here are a few of my faves right now.  Do you have any suggestions?  I like French names, older names, and unique names.  Here’s my short list.

Dahlia, Zion, Adelle, Sylvie, Angeline, Tranquility, Nevaeh, Jada, Safina, Nina, Lily, Francesca, and Asha

June 23, 2006

We have pictures!

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These are photos of a toddler girl that Holly thought would be perfect for our family.  Isn’t she precious?  Here are a few more photos if you want to see them. use the password hydefam to get in to the pictures.  I just uploaded a bunch more.

June 22, 2006

We have an orphanage!!!

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Thank you for the prayers.  Our group found a wonderful orphanage today about 300 miles outside of Kigali that is VERY interested in working with our group and will let everyone adopt!!!!!  Hallelujah!!!!  Hopefully we’ll have pics soon.

June 21, 2006

God is good!

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I just recieved a small update from our group and I’d like to share it here.

“Keep praying, we’re not done, but we had miracles today. Tonight,
really – no, all day today. Heavenly Father just answered most of
our sincere prayers in one fell swoop. M___ and I were sitting in
the hotel restaurant singing (softly) “God is great, he sent us
chocolate cake”

We are more than half-way done and we have the rest of our stay
booked solid. It’s amazing. It’s been a roller coaster including
some significant discouragement, but once again, I see how God has a
sense of humor and knew all along the blessings he was waiting to
pour out on our heads. It’s AMAZING, guys, AMAZING. Oh, you won’t
even believe all the intricate connections He has orchestrated. When
you pray with your families tonight, please include prayers of
gratitude for helping us so much and for opening doors WE saw no way
to open.

We found the orphanage for disabled children – and it was a miracle
I’ll post more on it later. We went and visited a genocide memorial in
Kigali. They have used this spot as a place to bury many victims
from all over Kigali – over 250,000. It’s a tough place to be,
especially the children’s section . . .
Tonight, we had the great blessing of meeting with some people from
Utah (here with the WSU folks) who brought a Rwandese woman with
them. Long story short, she’s an amazing woman with a similar heart
to all of ours. She offered to help babysit our adoption paperwork,
she wants us to do midwifery training and she will get it all
arranged, she will help with transportation in the fall, she knows
the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion  and
I’m sure will help if needed and also knows orphans and a local
orphanage she is checking into for us. We’ll see her again on Friday.

We are also going out 3 hours outside Kigali tomorrow to check out
the largest orphanage in Rwanda – over 500 children, more than 100
babies and lots of needs. . . We still need a place to adopt from
(but it could be this other woman whose name is B_____ will be able
to help with that.) Please keep praying but include prayers of
thanks today.”

I’m in tears!  What a great email!!!!!! YES!

June 20, 2006

It’s an official NO

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Not only will they not work with Holly’s family(18 kids?  No one can love that many kids) but they will not work with families who allready have four kids or let more than one be adopted at once.  This eliminates everyone in our group.

So please pray that we will find an orphanage that will work with us.  There are no country rules about that…this is just one orphanage.  In fact the Ebassy officials were very encouraging.  So we are still hopeful.

Our letters of intent were addressed wrong as well, so Holly had to retype them all. 

No one said it would be easy!

Our group needs prayers!

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It seems that the people who said they would help us with adoption in Rwanda(ie the orphanage and white folk living there) don’t seem as eager to help as in person as they did over the phone/email.  Our group there is getting discouraged and we could really use some prayers for a miracle today.

I’m feeling so sad…..

They arrived safely

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We heard from our Reconaissance group today.  They made it to Rwanda safely and without incident.  They are taking our papers to the Ministry of Family and Gender first thing today.  Things are starting to move.  They are hoping to visit the orphanage this afternoon.  Hopefully I’ll have some interesting things to report very soon!

June 18, 2006

So excited I can’t sleep!

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I can’t believe it but my dossier is currently in the air on it’s way to Kigali Rwanda!  I can’t believe our paperchase is allready done(it’s been a month only) and soon we will see pictures of the kids!  It’s a very exciting time for me, and I just can’t sleep.  I keep thinking of our president, Holly, and our chairman, Monica, and how they are over the ocean making this awesome flight.  I can’t help but be a tad bit jealous, but I’m also grateful to them for making this trip so the rest of us can be with our families. 


June 16, 2006

Down to the wire

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The president and chairman of our organization (onemorestarfish.org) are leaving at 6AM tomorrow morning to take our dossiers to Rwanda!!!

We still have several papers needing notarization.  Nothing like waiting until the last second.  I’ll be heading over to my husbands work this afternoon to have the papers notarized, and then heading to the president’s home for to hand her my dossier and to have fun at the “packing party”!  Even though this isn’t an official aid trip we are packing as much formula, diapers, blankets, vitamins, and clothes that we can fit in her suitcases.  We have had many generous donations of items to take, and I’m sure we won’t be able to fit them all, even at this young time in our organizations life.  People are sooo generous!

They will be taking pictures of all of the children in the orphanage, so sometime next week I might be seeing a picture of one of my daughters for the first time!  Even though I have know idea who she is, a part of me hopes that I will know her on site.  There are no rules about photo posting with Rwanda, so I’m sure we’ll be posting pictures of the kids both here and on the One More Starfish site!

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