May 15, 2003

A picture a picture! We got a picture!

Filed under: How did we find Rani? — Tamra @ 9:05 pm

She is breathtakingly beautiful! And it’s so amazing she looks like my boys!!! She has a heart shaped face, a tiny indent in her chin, big brown eyes, and Xander’s nose! She is so much lighter than I was picturing. I really thougth she’d be dark but her skin tone is about the same as my husbands. Its the most beautiful olive color! Oh my gosh I am in love! My heart is full to bursting for this little one, thousands of miles away who has no idea that we are thinking of her and praying for her and wishing she was here. Teri was right not to give me the picture before they said yes. My heart would’ve been broken to pieces.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post her picture at a public site. So as soon as my friend prints me out a picture I’m going to draw her and post it. 🙂

We are all on cloud nine here!

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