May 10, 2004

Not sure what to write…

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We, of course, are in waiting limbo again. Nothin’ much to do but wait. I’m gathering items to send to Ahrana when my friend Kathy goes to India. So far I’ve got a sweet pink dress, cotton knit for the top, cotton woven for the bottom. A mommy and baby elephant holding tails grace the bodice and a simple printed design decorates the hem. Very simple and very sweet. Next I have a matching pair of Robeez shoes. I hope they fit as I have no idea what size she wears. And I also had a sweet bracelet made and I’m going to have one made for me so we match when I pick her up.

I really want to send her a soft photocube but I can’t find one anywhere! I may have to settle for a talking one and sing her a lullaby maybe. Then I’m going to send a picture book with some small English words as well. I’m hoping she will like the gifts! I can’t wait to get her home! :heartbeat

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  1. Rachael Says:

    That outfit sounds precious, and oh my gosh those shoes! I need those shoes! I hope you have your little girl in your arms soon. You are already such a great Mommy to her!

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