June 4, 2004

Kathy is in India!!!

Filed under: Mama Musings: How will we cope? — Tamra @ 12:06 pm

My good friend Kathy is in India picking up her little girl! She has, in all likelyhood, visited Rani and given her the gifts allready. Each time I look at the bracelet on my own wrist, I think of the bracelet on Rani’s. I can’t wait till the time when I can claim her as my own and show her that I’m wearing one too! This week has been such a difficult one. As I see my good friend in Ethiopia picking up her four new children, I can’t help but think about the fact that she will have adopted six kids in the time that it has taken me to adopt one! And our daughter is still not home!!! When will it be our turn?

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