June 11, 2004

Kathy is back!!!

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Kath, I hope you don’t mind me posting your email. I wanted to share it with everyone!!!

“Hello, you temporary mommy of a jillion children!

Met one of your children all the way in India and boy is she cute!!! She really is a BUNDLE of bouncing energy and does MUCH screeching 🙂 – very funny. I thought Rani was a doll – she definitely “fills the room with her presence” :). When I gave her the photo cube she was soooo excited and looked at all the pictures, saying “mommy” “daddy” “baiee (sp?)” (brother). When I pushed the button on it for the first time she was so exited to hear the song and I told her that was your voice. She pushed it over and over and I have video of her with it. She did listen to it about a thousand times and was quite insistent that everyone else do, too – kept pulling at my skirt “Auntie! Auntie!” and making me sit down to listen to you sing again.

Shanti didn’t get a chance to tell me much about Rani, but Saila said to tell you that all the caretakers can’t wait for her to go home as she is “full of mischief” – pulls up the plants in the garden, hits other children and grown-ups, and is very loud. Just from meeting her I would certainly believe she does those things and can see how she can be thought of as “misbehaving”, but I also see such a great fabulous personality in her and so much boundless energy that I really think that with some actual 1-1 parent/child help focusing that energy she will be just an amazing and awesome little girl!

Minuti also said that Rani is very misbehaved, but the very cute thing she said about her was that Rani is soooo excited about you all, that she asks every day about her mommy and daddy and is just very ready for you to come. She said that whenever another child’s family comes to bring them home she asks when you will come, and that she also asked while I was there since she knew I was there to bring Akshyata home. So, hopefully it will not be too long for you.


Wooh! Sounds like I have my work cut out for me!!! LOL I can’t wait. Oh I wish it were me going to India soon!

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  1. Jenna Says:

    oh, she sounds like a wonderful ball of energy, waiting to come home!!! I can’t wait till YOU can be the one going to India to pick up YOUR daughter!

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