July 2, 2004

Oh man another problem!

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We need copies of our last three years tax returns when we go to India. We made copies of them, but didn’t make copies of the copies because the information was safe on our computer. Um…well…our computer has since crashed and the computer guy say it would take a miracle to save the information! I called the IRS and to get a photocopy of the return it takes SIXTY DAYS!!!!!!! SIXTY! What am I going to do? I think I really want to cry right now!:weeping

On the bright side, I did get in contact with the INS and they reassured me that it has been forwarded to Delhi. If not then they will electronically send it, the same day we contact them to tell them they don’t have it. YAY!

AND my agency worker who is in India right now says the guardianship papers will be to them on the 8th, to us on the 14th, and her passport will be ready on the 23rd! So we should have no problem going by her birthday if we get this IRS thing worked out. Please PRAY FOR US!:pray

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  1. LouAnne Says:

    Hi There!

    You visited our online adoption journal, and I wanted to pop over and say hello. 🙂 Congratulations on your journey to your daughter! How exciting!! I plan on spending time here, reading about it. I would love to adopt again.

    I did want to tell you, we were able to get copy of our tax returns at the IRS office in our local city. I just went to the courthouse, and they printed them off for me.. the last three years. It didn’t even cost me anything. Makes me wonder if they haven’t changed something?? At any rate, praying all goes smoothly. I’ll definitely be back!

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