July 12, 2004

It’s Done!!!

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All my worries have been laid to rest!!! Today we found out that we don’t need the ICPC, UT doesn’t require it!!! I was recieving mixed messages about that. :rolleyes So that means we don’t have to wait for the guardianship papers to be sent here to file it!!!!

My SW is working on the homestudy update.

I’m filling out my visa paperwork as we speak.

My I-864 is all filled out, just needs notary stamps.

The intent to immunize form should be in the mail today.

And that’s IT!!!!! We are going to INDIA!!!!! Nothing can stop us now!!!! Oh blessed relief. Oh sweet joy! Rani we are coming!!!


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  1. Stephanie Richardson Says:

    Hey Tamra,
    I love following your journey. I am so glad it is finally coming to an end and starting a new beginning. Good luck and I will watch for more updates, your in our prayers.
    Scott and Stephanie.

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