July 14, 2004

Little things

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There are a million last minute things to do in adoption. Every time I think I have it all done, a few more creep up.

We had our vaccinations done on Monday and my arm still hurts! The oral Typhoid vaccine is giving me major headaches. AND we still have to go back next monday for another Hep A/B. ICK! Luckily the needles were small, they didn’t hurt at least. It sure hurts like the dickens now though.

I’m trying to get a bunch of NIX brand lice treatment to take with us. That stuff is $10 a box! I hope my friends don’t think it’s tacky; I’m asking each guest to bring a bottle to the shower. LOL it still won’t be near enough how much the orphanage needs.

I’m trying to get all the cloth diapers sewn that I am taking. I have all my friends madly sewing away. The goal is 4 dozen diapers, 2 dozen covers, and 1 dozen All-in-ones. Whew! Gotta hurry!!!:taekwondo

I sent in our visa paperwork and only sent HALF the fee! I don’t know where my brain is I swear! Dh will be off to the PO tonight to overnight the rest of the money. LOL

The last thing we have to do is get all of our documents for the I-864 signed and notarized. Then we’ll be scott free! I hope. :wink

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  1. AdoptionWish Mommy Says:

    Hi Tamra
    How have you been? Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. Vaccinations Ouch! Those Hep ones are a killer afterwards, aren?t they? I remember having to take a set of them when I was in medical school? boy did they bruise my arm! So I see you?re leaving for India later this month? Gosh I?m so excited for you, just thinking about it gives me the giggles *hehe* Your gonna be a mommy to your precious little daughter in India? has it really, really hit you yet?? All my best wishes for a fun and smooth trip! I?ll be in San Diego when you?re in India, I?ll be thinking about you guys and wishing you well!! BTW: I should have been clearer in my AW journal; hubby and I are TTC for a child? that?s how we?re hoping to become parents of our first little one. If we could adopt now? AWWW we would be right on it! Congratulations!! Love, Keila

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