August 2, 2004

Just wanted to add one more thing

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In the crying picture below you can see three things Rani is carrying. The doll we sent her in India, a tiny bottle of some sort of powder that Shanti sent with us by accident I think, and her lifebook that the orphanage made for her. She has to have those three things and Dave constantly or she is screaming. She will open the book occasionally to see a the picture of Shanti and sometimes she yells at the picture sometimes she just looks and closes the book again. I think it’s good that she can carry a little piece of Shanti with her and I think it will help. Dave sure wishes she’d put in all in a purse though. We are panicked we will lose one of the items! She also will not remove any of her jewelry. I repaired her necklace which made her very happy this morning and she is wearing about 10 bangle on each arm (and the bracelet I sent her which apparently DID get to her! LOL) and payal on her ankles. She’s also very particular about which hair accessories she wears as well. She is a girlie girl and LOVES and I do mean LOVES all the dresses she has! It’s a good thing she has another closet full at home! :wink

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  1. Karen Says:

    Hi Tamra,

    Just catching up with your news from this weekend. I wanted to reassure you – like other people haven’t, heh, – that all this is normal. She will come around, but you ahve to give her time. All this is new to her. All that she knows is that she’s leaving the only home she can remember, and all the familiar people are gone. *bighugs* Hang in there.

    much love,

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