August 5, 2004

Another really marvelous day!

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Rani woke up this morning kind of fussing. I still don’t know what she wanted because she didn’t really talk to me. But last night, Dave actually put her down and she didn’t cry! She played with toys for a couple of hours! Dave was so happy.

This morning we decided to try and bathe her again. We showed her the bucket and little cup and she started crying. It was not a cry of fear, but a cry of protest. We had those baby bath wipes that you just moisten and they soap up. We used those to soap her body then put her in the tub to rinse her. I started rinsing and she was definately protesting but not scared. We washed her hair last and while she was loudly protesting she was also tilting her head back so I could rinse her hair.

When we went down to breakfast Dave got her to walk holding his hand! She followed us while we were at the buffet and even walked back to the table without holding his hand! She sat next to him on the bench while we ate and even tried feeding herself with a spoon. She’s been exibiting many emmulating behaviours. At the mini Taj she wanted her shoes off like we had, she lays on the bed in the same position as Dave and she was trying to eat with a spoon.

We went shopping for a few hours and she walked almost the whole time! Dave was loving it. She still won’t come to me. Dave had to use the bathroom and Rani screamed the whole time, much to the chagrin of the other patrons. Oh well, she is learning that he will go and come back, which she needs to know because Dave has to go back to work the two days after we get back.

We are having health troubles though. She has a yucky cough and bad diarreah. She didn’t have diarreah till yesterday. I don’t know if it’s the different food or if she’s caught a bug. Poor thing. She gets really fussy right before she goes and after it she’s very happy. She must be in pain a little as well.

Right now, she and Dad are watching Sesame street. She’s absolutely enthralled. She really loves the TV, maybe she’s using it to pick up the language.

One more thing, she didn’t ask for her orphanage book all day. She didn’t even think of it.

The below picures are of her sleeping, watching TV with Dad, and some of her comforting behaviours. She bites her nails and puts her arm to her lips for comfort.

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  1. Jenny Says:

    You must be really proud of how far you guys have come in such a short period of time. She’s making such huge leaps it is amazing.

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