August 5, 2004

For those coming to the airport

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Here is our flight schedule.

We leave from Delhi on China airlines flight 182 at 3:30 AM India time Saturday which is about 4:00 PM Friday UT time. This flight is seven hours.

We get to Taipei Taiwan at at about 11:00PM UT time and leave Taipei 2:40 AM UT time on Saturday. This flight is about 13 hours long.

We arrive in LA at 3:05 PM Utah time on Sunday the 8th. Our flight leaves LA at 5:55PM UT time on Sunday and we arrive at SLC airport at 7:37 PM on Sunday. The flight is Delta 716 from LA.

On our way to India the flights were pretty close to on time. With the weather so nice, I don’t forsee a delay. I suppose we’ll see you down at the baggage claim or somewhere! She may be a little shy, but I’d love to see everyone!

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  1. Rachael Says:

    My internet at home has been down for days so I missed all of your posts. But i have caught up. I must first say that Rani is just such a lovely child. You are so lucky.
    Just know that she will come around. Our neighbors just finished adopting a 15 month old from China. She was very scared and tramatized in the beginning. But now she is a very outgoing personable child.
    Good luck on your journey home. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure Rani will adjust soon. She will see that you are wonderful and loving people! My best to you all!

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