August 6, 2004

Last day in Delhi

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¬†Goodness, I had this whole post written up and accidentally erased it! I guess I’ll start over!

Today is our last day in Delhi. And while I’m sad to leave India and I will miss it dearly, I cannot wait to get home to see my boys and especially to nurse my baby!

I cannot believe that this child is the same child I wrote about a week ago. She has blossomed unbelievably fast! Today she let me hold her hand and walk with her, blow bubbles with her(she calls them buggles), and even let me hold her for a while. In fact I was holding her when I was writing this post and I think it was something she did that erased it.

This kid is unbelievably independent. She wants to do everything herself if she can. She will do whatever she wants to and won’t be slowed or stopped. I’m beginning to see what everyone meant about her being “naughty.” She is a tease, a giggler, a squealer, and unbelievable smart. I can tell allready that she will be into everything when we get home! She won’t let me feed her water anymore, she has to hold the cup. Feeding her is becoming more and more difficult as she wants to do it herself. She has even mastered a spoon. This kid figures things out fast!

I’m really hoping the trip home will be good. I’m so ready to be there. I can’t wait to see everyone and be “on my own turf!”

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  1. Toril Says:

    Rani is unbelieveably beautiful! What a precious gift! May God bless you all!

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