August 8, 2004

We’re Home!

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We’re home a day early oops! I’m so sorry to those of you who were hoping to be at the airport and were unable to be. I miscalculated because of the date line and we ended up arriving on Saturday instead of Sunday. I hope all of you get this message!

The plane trip was OK. The first trip was seven hours and was pretty uneventful. She slept through most of it. The 12 hour trip was going very well. She even wanted me to hold her for a while at the beginning of the trip. She had watched the takeoff and it had made her nervous. About 5-6 hours into the trip it got very turbulent. I was so worried that she would get hurt so we decided to put her into a seatbelt. She freaked! We kept her in the belt and hugged her and rubbed her until both she and the plane were quiet and then brought her out. She fell asleep on Dave but 10 minutes later she started screaming bloody murder for “Mo Mola” and “Saila” again. She was acting crazy and Dave couldn’t even get her to lay down on him. So I took her to the bathroom and sat in there with her. She started screaming for “mo Daddylo!” I spent about 30 minutes telling her if she could “no cry” we would go to Daddy. All of a sudden she started grabbing my head and pulling it, then pulling at the bodice of her dress, all the while looking me in the eye and saying something in Oriya. I told her I didn’t understand her. After about two minutes she got frantic, right before she pooped in her pants. She was telling me to move because she had to use the bathroom! I felt so bad! I got her cleaned up and then asked her if she could no cry so we could go see Daddy. She seemed to agree, so that’s what we did. I gave her to Daddy and every time she started whimpering I’d take her hand as if I wanted her to go with me to the restroom and she’d stop. Finally she fell asleep and slept the entire rest of the trip.

The dealing with immigration and customs in LAX was a joke! It took us three hours and we almost missed our flight. During that time she would have nothing to do with me again so I was the bag lugger.

The flight to SLC from LAX was ok. She slept for the first half and whimpered for the second half. When we got off the plain we started talking about “the brothers” and she seemed really excited. The sad thing is, there was no one there to greet us. It didn’t take us long to realize that it was Saturday and we had posted the wrong day! We called our family and a few family and friends came to greet us and brought our boys!

It was a tearful yet joyful reunion and I was so thrilled to see my guys. I had forgotten how big my baby is! Wat a chunk, and oh so heavy! And guess what, he nursed right away no problem! Oh that was sooooo very nice.

Rani had a blast with all the kids at the airport. She was hugging everyone and running after them. We were worried after the seatbelt incident on the plane that she would cry in her carseat all the way home. She didn’t cry at all thank goodness and even fell asleep.

We fed her her first fast food tonight. Probably not a good idea because she still has diarreah. She loved the fries and the nuggets and that made me relieved because she hadn’t eaten much in a while and I thought she might refuse to eat them too.

The hardest thing is we can’t get her to bed. It’s 1:18 AM and she’s probably not very tired after all that sleep on the plane and in the car. DH is holding her and watching TV. I hope he’s chosen a good program.

I still feel wierd around her. Like I’m not sure what to do for her….*sigh* I hope we figure things out quick because I sure hate feeling like this. I’ll upload some pics of our airport greeting as soon as I get a chance. But for now I think I’m going to bed.

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  1. Karen Says:

    Welcome home, and welcome to your amazingly beautiful daughter.

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