August 13, 2004

Ah Sweet Daddy bliss…

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No tears at bedtime tonight. It was Daddy’s day off and he is now snuggled up with the little sweetheart on his chest. What a beautiful site.

I’m falling in love with this little sprite from the other side of the world. She’s adorable and funny and just plain sweet. She takes in the world with two open arms and doesn’t look back. She is resilient and beautiful and is doing so well now. She is so happy! I think she has realized that having a mommy, daddy, and brothers who love her and think she is the center of the universe is a wonderful thing!

She is also so healthy! Her cold that she had when we took her from the orphanage is gone; Her diarreah has cleared up; and her eyes are bright and joyful. She has become quite independent with toileting. I got her a stool to use to climb up and she has mastered the western toilets with a determination that is uncanny. This girl has no fears now. She even takes a bath with no trouble at all. I think it has helped her to see me do these things with Oliver. The carseat, the toilet, the bath etc. She sees Ollie doing it so it must be OK.

Tonight she got dressed up in her first very fancy dress for a wedding reception. She was a little nervous tonight and displayed her very first shyness/stranger anxiety! YAY! This means she is really starting to attach to us as her parents and is shying away from strangers. We didn’t stay long as we didn’t want her to get overstimulated, but she went GAGA over my cousins wedding dress. She loves all things girlie—dresses, hats, bangles, bindis, ruffly socks, shoes, you name it she loves it!

Here are some more pictures since I know you love them. The first is her very first bath. The others are from tonight in the outfits they wore to the wedding reception. The boys are all in their Kurta Pajama suits! 🙂

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  1. Toril Says:

    Wonderful to hear about the progress Rani is doing. And she is so adorable, so sweet. I love the pictures you share of all your children. You must be so proud of your beautiful bouquet of children. Congrats!

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