August 20, 2004

The Terrible Twosome…

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I’m starting to think I liked it better when Oliver and Rani were fighting. Now that they are becoming friends it’s like a destructo duo! Nothing is safe and that means Mom has no alone time at all. I used to have nice baths in the morning before the kids got up, but I swear that Rani has Mommy radar because she pops up the second I start filling the tub! My house looks just plain awful and I’m finding it difficult to keep up.

The good thing is, I know this is a normal toddler phase and “it too shall pass.” In the meantime I’m off to hide all my soaps and lotions from curious fingers! :wink

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  1. Gully Says:

    Hi Tamra.
    I love to read youre post and i know how you feel abut youre house i have to small kids my self.I say like you this shall pass too 🙂
    Gully in Iceland, mom to Nilam 2&half year adopted from india/home feb’03 and Freyd?bio 1 year old.
    p.s you have cute kids.

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