August 31, 2004


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Now that Rani’s home, I’ve decided to do a little fundraiser. We used a home equity loan to pay for the adoption and I’d really like to get some of it paid off. Especially so we can make room for future adoptions.

I and 9 of my friends are putting together a cookbook. Friends and family have submitted 400 recipes and they are from many regions of the country. There are also some recipes from our children’s countries as well! The cookbook is called “Recipes From Growing Families” and we are very excited about it.

The cost for the cookbook is $15.00+2.00 shipping.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a cookbook to help me meet my minimum that would be so great!!! Just post a comment here and I’ll send you the details!

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  1. Rachael Says:

    Send me the info! I’d love to get a couple for my sister and I. Maybe my mother in law too.

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