June 16, 2003

I am not an orphan

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By Margo Venkateswaran

I’m not an orphan I’m a child of God
I am loved from up above
I’m not an orphan and not alone
I have many children in which I share a home
I may have no one to call mother or Dad
but God loves me and that makes me glad.
One day I may be in someone’s arms
but until that day I will remain strong
someone once whispered in my ear
I love you so my little dear
and somehow I know this I did not imagine
someone loved me
someone loves me
someone will love me
I’m not an orphan though my clothes are not new
Im just a child
who’s waiting for you
but dont think of me as poor and sad
God has given me life and for that
be glad
do you ever wish you had someone at your table
someone to follow you through your lonely house ?
When you need company more of that than your spouse ?
you can think of me,
but not as an orphan or someone weak
think of someone with a great will
who could fill a void
if you would sit still and hear the silence
of a home without a child
but I am not an orphan
for I am god’s child

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