September 17, 2004

My ballerina

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Ever since Xander was three years old and he stepped into that first ballet class filled with little girls I’ve wondered if I’d ever have my own ballerina.

Well, the answer is yes folks! Just look at my tiny girl all in her baggy size XS dance clothes. LOL her ankles are so tiny! She did so well in class. She went right in and started dancing right away. I’m so glad I decided to put her in after all. Originally I was going to do a wait and see approach. She looked beautiful and stole the teacher’s heart!

Rani ballet

And here she is with her best friend Alena making faces and looking so cute! Alena is only 2.5 but LOVED the class as well. They looked likes two little pixies dancing around the teacher. Rani also enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror. She’s definately not vain at all! :wink

Rani/Alena ballet

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  1. Kelly Says:

    Hi Tamra,

    I have been following your story since you brought Rani home- it is such a beautiful story and I am so happy for you. I also have 3 biological children and have been considering adopting a 4th, but am not sure how it would work for our family. I am still thinking about it…
    Rani could not be cuter in that little ballerina costume. In all of her pics, she has a sparkle in her eye. It is easy to see that she is full of personality! Thanks for sharing your story!

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