September 19, 2004

The Festival of India

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Last night we took Rani to the Festival of India. There was wonderful Hindi music, yummy channa masala(my favorite), and other good food! My favorite part was the little 5yo girl, Radika who danced. What an angel!

Rani got to meet my friend Cheryl’s daughter, Olivia, for the first time! Olivia is 6 weeks older than Rani and she came home about four weeks before Rani. We are hopeful that the girls will become fast friends. We live about an hour away from each other. Here is Rani meeting Olivia.

meeting olivia

It was so fun getting together with other adoptive parents of children from India. Here is a pic of Rani, Anuja, and Olivia together.


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  1. Rachael Says:

    I just cannot get over how gorgeous she is! She just looks like she is glowing in all of her pictures.
    I love the India fest. I usually go every year. But this year I am just too pregnant. That is awesome that Rani got to go and spend time again in her culture.

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