September 23, 2004

Rani’s Eyes

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I was finally able to get in to see a specialist about Rani’s eyes on Monday. He completely overlooked all the testing that had been done in India, because it was completed in India. As if the testing couldn’t possibly be accurate.

So of course the diagnosis of Congenital Nystagmus can’t hold water without a bunch of tests. Mostly because there is no family history. I completely agree with him, but there is just something about the I’m-the-Dr-and-what-I-say-to-do-is-law approach that I just hate. *sigh* I guess I’ve just been too spoiled with midwives.

So…the plan is first an MRI to check for brain irregularities and tumors…and then some other test, that he said the name of so fast I missed it, where they put a contact attached to wires on her eye to monitor it. She will have to be anesthetised for both tests. The MRI is scheduled for October 16th at 8 AM.

I’m sure they will find that all is normal and she will once be diagnosed as having “congenital” nystagmus. But it will be on American soil and will therefore hold some water. I just hope it’s not too traumatic for my baby. The bloodraw to retest for HIV was bad enough! :soapbox

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