September 23, 2004

The Destructo Duo strikes again…

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Wow! I thought that these two had tried all they could try around here but boy was I wrong!

In the past four days they have dumped and entire quart of sugar on the floor, smeared peanut butter all over the house, poured glasses and glasses of ice water on the floor, emptied every drawer in my house again, sprayed all of my best perfume on themselves, poured out my favorite shampoo, chewed up and thank goodness DIDN’T swallow 6 glycerin suppositories, dumped another entire bottle of softsoap down the sink, flushed 3 full rolls of toilet paper, ripped apart two of my flushable toilet bowl cleaning pads, poured yogurt on the couch, and flooded the kitchen by plugging up the sink and “washing” the dishes! And all of this because I was trying to “get something done around here”

That of course doesn’t include all the hitting, pinching, biting, and scratching they’ve inflicted upon each other either.

You know I’ve never been an advocate of playpens or other such “locking” devices but I’m starting to seriously wonder if that’s what I’ll have to resort to to get anything done. They will grow out of this, but will we all survive until then??? :worried

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  1. Shelly Says:

    A play pen might be the way to go to start off with. I have my own 3 destruction units. I have to put them each in a separate room for sanity sake at times. Good luck!

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