September 25, 2004

The last straw…

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Last night as I was working on the graphics for this blog and the children, I thought, were watching TV. Apparently they weren’t because Rani dumped an entire bottle of kids shampoo on Ollie’s head. And if that weren’t enough, she then proceded to get into our science stuff and top it off with plaster of paris! :yikes That was it! The last straw!

So today they had to be in my sight at all times. If one had to use the bathroom we all went; if I was cleaning the kitchen we all had to be in the kitchen. And what do you know, we had a whole day without destruction! I’m liking this. The problem is, that it’s practically impossible. They want to play and I want to clean; the two just don’t fit together well ALL DAY. :worried I may have to pull out the baby gate but I’m saving it for a last resort.

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