September 30, 2004

Elevated liver function…

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I was just notified that Rani’s blood tests came back all great except she has elevated liver function. Does that mean anything? What could it mean?

We took her back in for another blood draw:yuck to test for Hep B. I am praying that she doesn’t have it since my baby hasn’t been vaccinated for Hep B. Any ideas? I’m trying not to worry. :worried

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  1. Shelly Says:

    It could mean anything really. It could be a metabolic thing or just a change in everything in her life in the last few months or even a virus. It could Hepatitis, but there would other things going on and Rani would be very ill and the whites of her eyes would be yellow and her skin would have a nasty pallor to it.
    Sean has elevated liver levels and everything has been ruled out. BUT he has stress in his life every day due to his chronic illness and constantly fighting to gain weight.
    Her spleen should have an ultrasound to rule out things. They did that to Sean and found things to be normal.
    Good Luck!

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