November 3, 2004

I’m in a picture posting mood

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I can’t help it. I just have to post more pictures of my little cutie! I guess I had better post an update for you as well then. :wink

Rani is learning by leaps and bounds! She is completely fluent in English now and is continually surprising me with how smart she is. She allready knows the alphabet song and can count up to twenty. She has a hard time seeing small letters but is starting to recognize some of them anyway. She has become a questioner now and her favorite word right now is “why?” *sigh* She’s right on target for a three-year-old!

As for our relationship, it’s really great. We are able to talk about Shanti a lot. It really helps her understand things. Last Friday and Saturday I had a class and was gone all day both days. Rani started crying and clinging to me when I came home on Saturday. I asked her if she was afraid I would go away like Shanti did and she said “yes”. I told her that Shanti wasn’t a “mommy”. I told her I’m a mommy and mommies always come back. That seemed to satisfy her. She is a great little cuddler and will come to me several times a day for a backrub or just a hug. She hates to be kissed on the lips though! LOL

Halloween was so funny. She just couldn’t figure out why strangers were just handing out candy right and left. But as soon as she figured it out she was a pro! I kept asking her if she wanted to go home and she said
“No! More Tricky treat!” This girl definately knows what she wants!

She definately is used to getting her own way. She is having such a hard time accepting me as the authority. But as her English has improved I have been able to explain things to her better. She still pouts but she doesn’t tantrum as much anymore. She and Ollie aren’t fighting as much either and they even stopped destroying my house! :spit– knock on wood– I’m so grateful for that. I feel so much more sane now that my house is clean.

Rani saw her first snow this week. I knew she’d love it because she’s and ice/ice cream addict since she came to America. The kid wouldn’t come inside! She has taken a pair of my son’s gloves and claimed them as her own, even though they are three sizes too big. One time she took them off and was so mad at me that her hands were so cold! She grinned when I warmed them up for her though. She is definately loving the cold weather but I do have to keep the house pretty warm or she shivers all day.

Here are some more Halloween pictures (one is with her brother Oliver “Twist”) and one of her very first “snow day”. :snowman



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  1. Kelly Says:

    WOW! How amazing that Rani is already fluent in English- what a little sponge! She must be very bright- now you know you are in trouble! LOL I am thrilled to hear how well you are all doing.

    Just FYI, my family and I follow medical research related to eyes and vision very closely because my mom has Retinitis Pigmentosa. They are now working on stem-cell research to reproduce healthy retinal cells, etc. I am not sure where you stand on stem-cell research, but there is hope on the horizon- hopefully, if not in mom’s lifetime, at least in Rani’s. We continue to pray for a breakthrough…

    Keep posting those pics- I love to see your smiling beauty and her handsome brothers.

    Kelly 🙂

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