November 30, 2004

A Thanksgiving Feast

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Ahrana wasn’t too sure about the whole Thanksgiving thing. She loved playing at Grammie’s but the food? Ew! LOL I guess it will take her a few years before she warms up to our traditional Thanksgiving fare. We did spend the day as a family and I continually thanked God for our newest little blessing.

Tonight is the night DH is going to make the final decision on wether or not we are going to adopt again. I’m on pins and needles and hoping for the best. I needed to leave this decision in his hands no matter what it entails so that our relationship stays strong. It is difficult for me though, because I am headstrong and usually get what I want. Keep my DH in your thoughts and prayers tonight if you can.

And here’s a pic just for fun!


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    What a beauty!

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