July 9, 2003

Well it’s official!

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AIAA approved our homestudy and Rani is ON HOLD for our family!!! We should be getting our actual referral packet soon. I am so excited to get all of her information.

I’ve decided that if we don’t get our NOC by January that I’m going to take our real estate money and use some of it to go and visit her. At first I thought that wouldn’t be a good idea. But maybe it would help her get used to me before she has to fly millions of miles away to her new home. Or if somehow an exra $2,000 bucks just happens to land in our laps LOL before then I will go sooner. 🙂 But who knows, the Lord knows when she needs to come and maybe we will ge our NOC very quickly. First I’ve got to get my dossier into India though! So that’s what I’m concentrating on at the moment. We have allready taken care of the BCIS paperwork. So our dossier is the last step! (other than fingerprinting)

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  1. Rebecca Says:

    How exciting! I can just see your smiling face when you post. 🙂 What a neat experience to add another family member like this!

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