June 16, 2006

Down to the wire

Filed under: Africa Adoption — Tamra @ 8:59 am

The president and chairman of our organization (onemorestarfish.org) are leaving at 6AM tomorrow morning to take our dossiers to Rwanda!!!

We still have several papers needing notarization.  Nothing like waiting until the last second.  I’ll be heading over to my husbands work this afternoon to have the papers notarized, and then heading to the president’s home for to hand her my dossier and to have fun at the “packing party”!  Even though this isn’t an official aid trip we are packing as much formula, diapers, blankets, vitamins, and clothes that we can fit in her suitcases.  We have had many generous donations of items to take, and I’m sure we won’t be able to fit them all, even at this young time in our organizations life.  People are sooo generous!

They will be taking pictures of all of the children in the orphanage, so sometime next week I might be seeing a picture of one of my daughters for the first time!  Even though I have know idea who she is, a part of me hopes that I will know her on site.  There are no rules about photo posting with Rwanda, so I’m sure we’ll be posting pictures of the kids both here and on the One More Starfish site!

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