June 21, 2006

God is good!

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I just recieved a small update from our group and I’d like to share it here.

“Keep praying, we’re not done, but we had miracles today. Tonight,
really – no, all day today. Heavenly Father just answered most of
our sincere prayers in one fell swoop. M___ and I were sitting in
the hotel restaurant singing (softly) “God is great, he sent us
chocolate cake”

We are more than half-way done and we have the rest of our stay
booked solid. It’s amazing. It’s been a roller coaster including
some significant discouragement, but once again, I see how God has a
sense of humor and knew all along the blessings he was waiting to
pour out on our heads. It’s AMAZING, guys, AMAZING. Oh, you won’t
even believe all the intricate connections He has orchestrated. When
you pray with your families tonight, please include prayers of
gratitude for helping us so much and for opening doors WE saw no way
to open.

We found the orphanage for disabled children – and it was a miracle
I’ll post more on it later. We went and visited a genocide memorial in
Kigali. They have used this spot as a place to bury many victims
from all over Kigali – over 250,000. It’s a tough place to be,
especially the children’s section . . .
Tonight, we had the great blessing of meeting with some people from
Utah (here with the WSU folks) who brought a Rwandese woman with
them. Long story short, she’s an amazing woman with a similar heart
to all of ours. She offered to help babysit our adoption paperwork,
she wants us to do midwifery training and she will get it all
arranged, she will help with transportation in the fall, she knows
the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion  and
I’m sure will help if needed and also knows orphans and a local
orphanage she is checking into for us. We’ll see her again on Friday.

We are also going out 3 hours outside Kigali tomorrow to check out
the largest orphanage in Rwanda – over 500 children, more than 100
babies and lots of needs. . . We still need a place to adopt from
(but it could be this other woman whose name is B_____ will be able
to help with that.) Please keep praying but include prayers of
thanks today.”

I’m in tears!  What a great email!!!!!! YES!

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