June 23, 2006

We have pictures!

Filed under: Africa Adoption — Tamra @ 4:06 pm

These are photos of a toddler girl that Holly thought would be perfect for our family.  Isn’t she precious?  Here are a few more photos if you want to see them. use the password hydefam to get in to the pictures.  I just uploaded a bunch more.

3 Responses to “We have pictures!”

  1. Wendy Says:

    She IS beautiful! What are the chances she could really be yours? Will you just have to wait until October? I am SO excited for you!!

  2. a duck Says:

    Wow, look at those eyes! When do you find out?

  3. Tamra Says:

    Well, barring any unforseen circumstances she will be ours when we go in October. We have to wait until we are approved by the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion and then we can go to the orphanages to choose our children. I’m going to take her picture and pray that I’ll find her.

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