July 21, 2003

I am in love!

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Oh my goodness, I thought I was in love before, but now….I’m absolutely smitten. We recieved our referral packet on Saturday. We recieved many pictures and video of Ahrana. I must say that watching my DH, who was never 100% gung ho about the adoption (though definately supportive), during our first “video viewing” I was holding back the tears! He was glued to the screen and saying things like “She looks so much like Ollie! She’s so big! Look at her go! Ah Oh, here comes trouble!” He was smiling the whole time and he was falling in LOVE~ I’m so happy. Maybe it just never felt real to him until that moment. I haven’t had a chance to talk with him about it yet. All I know is that he keeps grinning and kissing me! We are going to have a daughter and he’s pleased as punch!

Just wanted to share our joy. 🙂 Oh and her bilateral nystagmus eyes are so cute! I have to say we had to really watch to notice it. You could tell, but it wasn’t bad, it was quite endearing!

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  1. Patty Says:

    Hi, Tamra,

    this is all so wonderful and this child is very blessed to have you. I?m glad to hear that this is bringing joy to your hearts and your lives, as you sure deserve all that and more.

    Take care,


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