August 21, 2006

No Orphans in Zambia?

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I’ve been emailing orphanages in Zambia and aid organizations that work with orphanages in Zambia and the thing I’m hearing the most is that there are no true orphans in Zambia.  How can that be when they have the highest percentage of orphaned children in Africa you ask?  Well, because they count “orphaned” children as children who have lost one or both parents.  Also in Zambia the extended family automatically has legal custody of the children when the parents die.  Most of the kids are only in orphanages for their baby years and then are reunited with extended family at age 2.

If it isn’t one thing it’s another right? 

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  1. Erin Says:

    One of the reasons i suggested you get on the Adopt Africa yahoo group is because I have not heard of any adoptions being done from Zambia (doesn’t mean it isn’t possible however). These ladies have a ton of knowledge and there are a lot of people who will post and say, “Does anyone know anything about adopting from so and so country?” usually after they read something on the State Dept. website that makes it sound possible. And then someone emails back and says something like, “well technically there is no reason why adoptions can’t happen, but this judge or that official won’t allow it, or the orphanages won’t refer children” or something else like that. I just don’t want to see you end up disappointed. I do think some families are testing the waters in Uganda (that has been in recent discussion) and of course Liberia and Ethiopia and going well. I don’t think that there are a whole lot of other options at the moment. Is Rwanda definintely a no way situation?
    Best of luck with everything! 🙂

  2. Katie Says:

    Wow Tamra. This is getting more difficult for you by the minute! Sometimes I wonder why can’t the things the Lord wants us to do just be EASY! I know why, but it’s still frustrating at times 🙂 Good luck with everything 🙂

  3. Kikilia Says:


    Sorry to hear about Zambia. I hope that your path to your next adoption is shown soon and goes smoothly.


  4. MFM Says:

    It really is sad when some of the children that need homes the most are the ones that politics makes the most difficult to bring home.

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