September 18, 2007

Big News!

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Just wanted my adoption readers to know that we have BIG news on the family blog!  Check it out.

Today’s Modern Mother

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  1. starfish Says:

    Congratulations! Found you through Mel’s blog. What a beautiful family you have already!

  2. Amelia Says:

    That is wonderful news! I was sitting here tonight searching adoption blogs and came across your blog. Then I read your news that you would be having a new baby! I am thrilled for you! I am sorry the adoption didn’t work out, but it would have been tough if you had become pregnant, and ended up with two babies.

    I just have to know btw, how you do Rani’s hair. I would love to see several pictures of her hair. I am always struggling with Priya and Lakshmi’s hair. Sometimes I pull back Priya’s hair three times (three ponytails in a row) and that looks almost like a french braid except for the bands. None of the hair clips I have found will work in their hair. The clips are either too lightweight, or too large for their heads.

    And also, what type of camera are you using? Just beautiful photos!

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