August 4, 2008

My Big Girl Turns 7!

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Rani had her seventh birthday on Thursday. It’s also her fourth “Gotcha’ Day”. We started the day early with french toast in bed, her favorite! We then talked about the day we met and painted her feet red to remember it. We smelled the powder she wouldn’t let go the first 3 days we knew her and we looked at the clothes she was wearing. After that we went to an Indian restaurant with a friend and her 13yo dd who was also adopted from India. Then we came home for a “Warm Tub Birthday Party” with her friends. All-in-all it was a special day.

Here are her birthday pictures. Can you believe how small she is? That’s my dining room chair!

Happy Birthday to my 7 yo

Happy Birthday to my 7 yo Happy Birthday to my 7 yo

3 Responses to “My Big Girl Turns 7!”

  1. Kikilia Says:

    I’ve never heard of the red feet- what is the significance of that? Is it from the area she was adopted?

    My daughter was also adopted from India– and I can’t believe their size difference (my daughter will be 8 in October)- my daugher is about 55inches and 52-55 lbs… Though she was alsways the smallest until about age 4.5 or 5.

    Happy Bday to your daughter. What a face she has. 🙂

  2. Annie Says:

    i am in the very very beginning stages of thinking of an adoption through India. i have a daughter home from Ethiopia, but they are closing to singles.
    I just happened upon your blog in my searches. your daughter is beautiful 🙂

  3. hildur hyde Says:

    a year already gone by? you need to update beautiful rani’s page with photos and stories we can all read. miss you.

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