January 27, 2010

First Day of School

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Copied over from my family blog:

Can you believe I am sending my oldest three to school? Neither can I! Here is a post I wrote on Crazibeautiful about it

To School or Not to School

The school is only part time. It’s a great middle ground for us. So far they are really happy there. The school is called Benjamin Franklin Homeschool Academy. It’s a little red brick school house. There are only 7 kids in Xanders class and 6 in Sully and Rani’s class!

Update from Today:  Rani is doing really well at school.  She is cruizing through her work and is finally getting a handle on reading.  I’m so happy with her progress!  I have decided to keep her at home next year now that she has found her groove.



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    Have you seen these?

    Your daughters are BEAUTIFUL!

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