May 14, 2003

The Orphanage said YES!!!!

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Oh happy day! Oh happy Day! I got the email from the agency this morning! Xander and I were hugging and kissing and dancing around the room. Pretty exuberant response for a 7yo. She’s still not “officially” ours though. Meaning that any paper ready family could get her still. They won’t put her on hold till the homestudy is done. I’m hustling on that best I can. Yesterday I sent in the pre-application for AIAA. And my sister and BIL’s info for the police clearance. We just need the medicals done now and we can get going on the homestudy interview. The homestudy agency is planning to rush it. I’d ideally like to get our dossier prepared and sent by the end of July. I know that’s pushing it, but it’s my plan. Then it’s just the eternal wait for CARA to grant NOC. *sigh* part of me hopes we catch this whole thing in a smooth time. But I’m being realistic and know it could take much longer than 8 mos from this point. I dream of having her home for Christmas though. Thanks to everyone for your prayers! The Lord has surely been guiding us and will continue to guide us I am sure. We are witnessing mini-miracles right before our eyes!

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