July 6, 2006

Our India Adoption Timeline(2004)

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Our India adoption Timeline

March 2003: Decided this is the year to begin
April 28 2003: Submitted Police clearance papers
May 7 2003: Recieved initial info on Rani
May 13 2003: Submitted pre-application for AIAA
May 14 2003: Recieved orphanages OK to move forward
May 15 2003: Recieved first pic of Rani
May 30 2003: Submitted medicals to homestudy agency
June 12 2003: First Homestudy interview
June 27 2003: Recieved first draft of homestudy
July 2 2003: Recived certified homestudy
July 2 2003: Submitted 1600a to BCIS
July 2 2003: Submitted homestudy to AIAA
July 8 2003: Ahrana officially ON HOLD for our family!
July 19 2003: Recieved Rani’s official referral packet
August 28 2003: Dossier sent to AIAA
September 30 2003: Dossier on it’s way to India
November 9 2003: Finally recieved our BCIS clearance
November 30 2003: Teri visits Rani in India and takes doll and picture album. Also my birthday 🙂
January 12 2004: Heard from Basundhara that India has requested more information on Rani’s medical condition
January 31 2004: Teri visits Rani in India and takes a dress and a hoppity horse to her. She also gets some video for us.
February 1 2004:India asks for yet another medical exam for Rani
March 5 2004 Recieve word that India has once again not issued our NOC
March 30 2004: Still no NOC
April 29 2004: FINALLY RECIEVED NOC!!!
May 15 2004: Orissa courts close
June 5 2004: Kathy visits Rani and takes her a photocube and bracelet
June 10 2004: Orissa courts reopen
June 28 2004: SHE’S OURS!!! Guardianship granted!!!!
July 7 2004: Flights and Hotels booked for the 28th of July-the 8th of August
July 12 2004: Guardianship papers arrive at the orphanage!
July 23 2004: Guardianship papers, new pictures, and a tracing of Rani’s foot(size 7) arrive at home
July 28 2004: Leave for India
July 31 2004: GOTCHA! and Rani’s 3rd birthday
August 7 2004: Home for good!
February 15 2005: Adoption Final
March 6 2005: Recieves “Name and a Blessing” at church
March 30 2005: Sealed to us for Time and All Eternity at the Jordan River Temple

8 Responses to “Our India Adoption Timeline(2004)”

  1. Heather Says:

    I’m so glad to have found your site as we, too, are adopting a little girls from India. We live in New Brunswick, Canada and we are the first Caucasian couple to have attempted this with our agency. I lived in India for a number of years as a child and, so, have an affinity for their culture and an understanding of the background our child will have. It was great to read about your process.
    Kind regards,

  2. Nyna Says:


    I am happy to have finally found a blog about an Indian adoption.

    We are in India awaiting adoption of our son. Would love to have you put a link to our blog on your homepage. Also wanted to ask you if I could put a link to your site on my blog?

    Look forward to hearing from you.



  3. Lisa Fuqua Says:


    I stumbled accross your website today. My husband and I are looking into starting and independent adoption in Africa. We have been with agencies (2 different ones) for now 2 years. And in a nutshell we still don’t have a baby. So I was just wondering is there any light you could shed on how to start. We were also looking into Rwanda.


    Lisa Fuqua

  4. Irmarie Govind Says:


    I am reading Rani story and my heart is pounding like crazy!

    I want to begin the adoption process and would like to adopt from India. My husband has Indian heritage and we already have a 10 years old beautiful girl.

    Could you please tell me which adoption agency you used? I am ready to start and would like to work with a responsible agency.

    Your reply is very important to me.

    Thanks! Irmarie

  5. Lee Kirk Says:

    We adopted from India 8 years ago Nov 19, 1999 we brought our twin boys home from India, It was worth the wait. They are wonderful. I would suggest you really start a through investigation of a good adoption agency that works with the country you are interested in. This will require you to get some hard data on how many adoptions they do and really find out if they can actually deliver. We waited 11 months for our sons but it was worth the time. They are beautiful. We worked with MAPS out of Maine, even though we lived in Texas

  6. international adoption Says:

    Rani a indian child adopted by the foreigner. Each and every moement with Rani was enjoyable by the author. Change in country change in religion, did not styop her in poring affection. the author took it as a challenge and set an example to others by an incredible experience.

  7. Rachel Says:

    Hi, it’s great to hear your story. My husband and I are one day away from meeting our nine year old daughter who is flying in from India tomorrow. I was hoping to get some tips on greeting her because I know I’m going to be so emotional that I’ll want to hug and kiss her and not let her go, but I know that may not be the best approach. Please help. thank you sincerely, Rachel

  8. AJ Says:

    Hi! I’m so glad to read this, I’m happy for you. 🙂 I am adopted and I’m just trying to come to terms with the whole thing, you know? I’ve tried to start writing about it (at http://adopteejournal-aj.blogspot.com/ ). It really helps! In spit of everything, I am grateful to my parents, it takes guts to adopt! 🙂 I wish you all the best.

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